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We connect you to thousands of potential consumers on social media. Social media advertising may instantly increase conversions, followers, awareness, engagement, and website traffic. We help you control the reach of your social media ads.

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Facebook Advertising Services

Do you know that Facebook is one of the most predominantly used social media platforms with over 1.7 billion unique users? Even though some people are vocal against the ads on Facebook, the statistics show that average users click on 11 advertise that they come across in a month.

So, at JDM Web Technologies, we will make sure to run your brand’s ad campaign to a targeted audience and create multiple unique ads each month to build your brand identity. Depending on the advertisement packages you choose from us, you will get four or more unique Facebook ads along with two or more ad campaigns.

We will target a wide range of customers to whom you can market your business. Our marketing and advertising team will handle it all, from creating the ad campaigns and strategies to monitoring the traffic it brings in.

Twitter Advertising Services

With more than 330 million unique users per month, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Since Twitter only allows 280 characters to express your thought, we will make sure to create ad copies within those limited characters to get your brand’s identity across.

We will not only do hashtag and keywords research to ensure that your ads appear on the feed of a targeted Twitter audience. We will use platform tools to ensure that more and more people see your ads and feel compelled to take action – buy a product, sign up for services, or atleast visit your business website.

We will implement the latest industry insights and follow industry practices to maximize the success of an ad campaign and help you grow your business.

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Instagram Advertisement Service

If you struggle to find your place among millions of other small businesses, Instagram influencers, and big businesses on the platform, we are here to help you. With 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is the second most common platform to run an ad campaign after Facebook.

To ensure that your ad campaigns reach the right demographics, we will search your audiences in three ways – saved, custom, and lookalike audiences. In the saved audience, we will target people depending on their age, sex, locations, etc., to run your well-crafted ads. We will use the information and create content, images, and videos to appeal to the saved audiences.

We will get the custom audiences from the information we gather about the people who have visited your official website, interacted with your Instagram account by liking, commenting, or saving your posts. We will strategize an ad targeting the custom audiences according to the posts they liked or any purchases they have made from your website. Lookalike audiences are the ones that are similar to your custom audiences in many ways. Our ads targeting these audiences will contain posts that interest them, and they have a chance of taking action from that post.

Pinterest Advertisement Service

No matter how many social media platforms you use to advertise and promote your business, it is never too much. Pinterest is one of the most loved social media platforms to run your ad campaign in various formats. We will create Pinterest ads that increase brand awareness, drive more leads, and boost traffic to your official website.

We will also monitor the ad campaign results daily to keep up with account insights and send you the reports so that you stay up to date with all the traffic increment in your Pinterest and business site.

LinkedIn Advertisement Service

Even though LinkedIn might not be as standard for brand advertising as other social media platforms, LinkedIn advertising still benefits. Our LinkedIn advertising strategy will target demographics depending on their age, gender, job title, and industry.

Our team will run LinkedIn ad campaigns to increase brand awareness, promote events and partnerships. These ads will help you grab your potential client’s information quickly and increase web traffic.


Genuine Strategies That Target Real Audience

Appoint Project Manager
Develop Ad Strategy
Monitor Ads
Share Insights & Results
Appoint a dedicated team of experienced Social Media Manager

We understand the importance your ads have on your business growth. So we will have a dedicated team of social media managers to look after your ad campaigns. The team will work with other experts such as marketing strategists, advertisement experts, copywriters to ensure that your ad copies catch the audiences’ attention.

Develop an Advertising Strategy

We will also build an advertising strategy to ensure that you remain at the forefront of the competition. We will assist you in every aspect of your business’s growth, from providing interesting content to analysing which advertisement formats are currently popular and developing a content calendar. Furthermore, each advertising plan is unique and varies from business to business based on the requirements and budget of the company.

Create Engaging Advertisements

We will create advertisements that sell and bring in more traffic to your business. Many of our previous clients have seen an increase in their web traffic and sales after running the ad campaigns designed by us. Our advertising team has years of experience in the advertisement and marketing industry, and they stay on top of all the changing trends and help you advertise your products to drive more sales.

Monitor Your Ads and Optimize

To ensure that our ads positively impact your brand, we will monitor the ads’ insights. We will send you monthly reports on the ad performance and create a custom ad strategy for each platform. We will optimize the images, videos, analyze your site behavior after implementing the marketing and advertisement strategy.

Reporting and Communication

We will keep you updated with the changes happening to your social media accounts and business website and report back to you weekly. If there is an issue or you have queries regarding anything, one of our team members will always help you through it.


Once we have identified the audience that has responded to your ad campaign, we concentrate our efforts on that same group of people, retargeting them with either the same advertisement or a new ad piece. It is critical to understand who responds to your advertisement because this set of audience who will be your genuine potential buyers.

How Is Our Social Media Advertising Service Helpful

We Create Engaging Ads

We create an advertisement that follows ongoing trends so that that audience can feel connected to your brand. Our ad copies will contain information about your products and brands in easy-to-understand language so that everyone can understand it. We will also include infographics so that people find it easier to grasp the information.

– Shipping and Delivery – Colour – 49-Multiple Delivery
We Offer Multiple Packages

We have multiple digital advertising packages for you to choose from. Each package contains varied advertising services that help your brand appear on people’s social media feeds. Depending on your budget, you either choose to pay for one-time services or choose monthly packages.

We Monitor 24 Hours

We will monitor and analyze your results after the paid ad campaigns with multiple analytical tools. Analytics will show us how the paid campaigns we have run are impacting your business. We will run the analytics every week and remove or better everything that fails to make your ads reach even a broader audience.

We Share Transparent Reports

We believe in being transparent with our clients, be it digital marketing or advertising campaign. So we will make sure to send you all the analytical and performance reports so that you stay updated with the changes happening in your brand’s social media platforms. This will also help you understand where is the amount you paid for your preferred packages is going.

Why Choose Jdm Web Technologies

Leverage the Power of the Most Cost-Effective Strategies


Team of Experts

We have handpicked some of the best advertising experts in the country to join our digital marketing agency. We take every project seriously and ensure that your ad campaign will always have a dedicated team working on it. Our digital marketing experts have years of experience behind them; they stay updated with industry trends and algorithm changes, so every project we work on never fails.


No Locking Contract

We don’t believe in getting tied down with a contract for your ad campaign. So when you choose us, you would not have to sign any contract for any period. You can decide to stop collaborating with us any time you like if you feel you have not seen any changes in your business with our ad campaigns.

Our Approach

Target the right people
In the right places
At the right time
With the right messages


At JDM Web Technologies, website traffic and conversions are among the most important performance metrics. Our duty is to analyze how much traffic your advertising gets and how many visitors convert to the desired result.

The traffic results will fall under two factors

  • The effectiveness of our marketing effort.
  • The amount of money you will spend on advertising.
  • Our ability to create outcomes for you will increase in direct proportion to the budget we have in hand.

This depends entirely on your expectations of the advertising campaign. We recommend that you consider the average value of a customer’s life. Once you understand this notion, you can calculate the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay to get a single customer. With the help of a well-planned social media ad strategy, we can provide you with long-term clients at a profitable price.

Get in touch with us if you are ready to begin the process. We will collaborate with you to decide the most appropriate course of action, and we will develop a proposal tailored precisely to your needs and expectations. We need to understand your business, your goals, and your budget to begin.

You will be assigned a personal account manager, who will be available to you at all times to assist you with your account. This Point of Contact will be a trained social media advertising expert and has experience dealing with clients in your sector. Additionally, all deliverables are reviewed internally, before they are made available to you.

We will create a unique strategy that will include a description of the advertising tactic that will be used for your social media ad campaign. Once you agree to the strategy, we will begin creating the adverts on a schedule to get you the maximum reach.

No, you are under no obligation to furnish us with content. However, if you have content, we would be delighted to incorporate it.

Your Account Manager may create adverts that are unique to your company and reflect your brand. We have access to stock photography as well as easy design software to make ad creatives. We may make use of these resources to create adverts that will captivate your target audience.

Without a doubt, our social media manager will keep an eye on all of your ad campaigns. If your advertisements are not functioning as planned, we will halt them and make necessary changes.

You Have A Vision, We Have The Expertise

We will help you develop a social media advertising strategy that maximizes your ROI. Our experts are well equipped to use social media advertising advanced techniques to help you achieve your business goals. To learn more about the benefits of social media advertising for your business, contact our team of experts.

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