Digital Marketing Services for solar companies

Solar cells are readily available for both domestic and individual purposes today, and that too economically. Many companies have started to see it as a business opportunity. The companies have been offering advanced solar energy panels to their customers, helping them become self-sufficient. While there are many solar energy customers, companies still have to invest in worthwhile marketing to compete against their competitors.

Digital marketing is one of the most structured ways a solar company can reach its potential clients and offer the audience to consider solar energy services for a convenient future lifestyle.

Reaching Customers That Matters to Your Business in the Long Term

As you plan your digital marketing programs or campaigns, you should look for spreading awareness along with reaching your potential customers. Digital marketers have many paid and free tools that they leverage to effectively market your solar company, and drive quality and relevant sales.

Social media platform, along with video streaming services, plays a massive role in the digital marketing of solar companies, along with email services. But a personalised website is more effective when it comes to spreading awareness through blogs and articles and connecting with customers through brand voice and stories.

Why Should Solar Companies Invest in Online Marketing?

Apart from driving sales, and of course, boosting your business, here are three other reasons why you, as a solar company, should invest in digital marketing.


You can analyse consumer data

Many tools like Google Analytics and other paid/unpaid software offer information to digital marketing companies, which can be leveraged to make important decisions about marketing plans. With digital marketing, the efforts spent and their impact can be tracked and comprehended in the form of the number of website visits, demography regarding the visitors, the time they spend on the websites, etc.

When a solar company has such analytics for each marketing campaign, they could compare all the analytics of the campaigns and evaluate the best-performing one. Once they find campaigns that perform better than the other, they would implement the same onwards to ensure better results.


Offer awareness and education to the audience

Solar energy uses and importance are still new to the market, and many consumers are still not aware of its benefits and importance. While some enjoy its benefits, some are still new to the concept. But with the help of digital marketing strategies, you can reach those audiences who don’t have the faintest idea of its uses.

Whether it is through blogs, or answering in social media posts, a solar company can not only increase solar energy consumers in the industry, but also contribute to the world of new technologies and advances.


Aids in reaching a wide range of audiences and customers

Digital marketing has been great to connect a broader range of audiences belonging to various demographics and nations. Social media is one of the platforms that offer a tremendous reach to both current and future customers.

This is different from traditional marketing because in traditional marketing, the reach is limited to a place, and hence limited to the number of people.

Digital Marketing Solutions for Solar Companies

Investing in digital marketing services merely will not boost your sales or help you reach your audience. The trick here is to opt for digital marketing services that will work for you – and not opt for everything that wastes your money. Or worse, opting for services because they are popular and you expect it to work for all companies or industries.

Here are the top digital marketing services JDM Web Technologies offers and recommends for a solar company.

Online Reputation Management

Don’t let your brand or company go down before it has performed its fair share in the market. Or better, with online reputation management, don’t let your company go down with a negative impression at all. When it comes to purchasing, a buyer will always look at reviews, and it is your responsibility to keep the reviews accurate and clean.

At JDM Web Technologies, we monitor all your reviews, social media accounts, website blog’s comet section, or anything opinionated about your company. We use methods to check whether they are harmful to your company. In case these reviews are fake or offensive, we will take measures to remove them. In case, they are criticisms from genuine customers, we will respond appropriately.

Website Development

Solar companies deal with new-age technology, and have much to share with their audience – be it in terms of usage or benefits. And this is why a website is highly recommended for solar companies. Through a website, your company can share all the images and details about your new innovative and production line easily to the interested people.

At JDM Web Technologies, we offer website design and development services that provide you with a website that is highly functional, and reliable in terms of speed and performance. We also design and develop websites to be responsive to ensure your audience, no matter what device they use to access, will have a high performance regardless.

Email Marketing

Solar companies can make good use of email marketing disputes. It’s being not valued by many other industries much. Email marketing can target prospects that know about your services or products, but not your brand yet. And this is a chance you cannot let go.

We provide various email marketing plans that include services like strategic emails with persuasive writing, exciting visuals, and, most importantly, attention-seeking subject lines. Our email marketing team knows about solar companies beyond basics, and they know what kind of emotion ticks potential solar energy consumers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a suitable marketing form for most kinds of business. While small businesses leverage this marketing quite often, many large and successful companies have understood the power of social media marketing today.

Our social media marketers will create influential social media creatives and captions regarding your brand, industry, and anything that resonates with your consumers. Every day, we will help your audience learn more about solar energy or, eventually, about your company. With our services, you can not only engage your consumers and audiences but also encourage them to interact with your brand.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is like the soul of digital marketing. It is not just a service for one industry, but there is hardly any point to digital marketing without SEO. SEO involves everything from keyword researching to optimising your website for better visibility.

At JDM Web Technologies, we are involved in content marketing with relevant solar company keywords, optimising your local SEO, quality link building, writing optimised ad copies, guest posting, optimised web designing, and many more.

Why choose us?


Experienced Professionals

We have been doing digital marketing for over 15 years now, and our experiences go back to the time before our agency was born. Our professionals are certified and passionate and come together from various backgrounds to help companies thrive in the market for as long as they deserve to. So far, we have only delivered satisfaction to the companies and any business that joined their journey with us.


24 Hour Customer Support

With dedicated customer support services, there’s nothing that should stop you from contacting us with your queries or issues. A service that is available all 24 hours of the day is only active so that they can hear your doubts and worries whenever you or from wherever you call us.

Whether it is in the early morning call about our pricing policy, or late night about why your website is not working, we are here for you.


Dedicated Project Manager

Your website or another marketing campaign, while with us, will be valued no less than other projects we are working on. And we show this to you by sending regular updates about the progress of your project. We will dedicate a project manager to take care of all these updates and ensure that you are always kept in the loop.


In-House Resources

Whether it is designing your website or writing your social media captions, no outsourcing is involved. We have in-house teams engaged and engrossed in your industry and business, and we also have tools and technologies that provide substantial benefits.


Affordable Packages

Since our clients are spread all across the globe, we are available to handle their complaints and queries 24/7. Whatever the question or complaints you might have, we will resolve them within 24-48 hours so that you will not be behind on your digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most trending digital strategies is SEO that allows the solar company’s website to rank on a higher level for keyword searches related to their company. Used to direct organic traffic, it is ideal as part of your digital plans.

Website development for solar companies is a must, and almost all solar companies attempt this. A website is crucial to help in positive communication between the potential customer and the company.

Solar companies can post videos, graphics, stories and slogans to show their services, benefits, and why customers should opt for them. They can even show how eco-friendly their services are, helping in the long-term protection of mother earth.

Solar companies should be on as many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. JDM Web Technologies can help solar companies join these platforms and help them in social media lead generation.

Social media, time and again, has been chosen as the best platform for digital marketing because of its potentially wide reach. This is why JDM Web Technologies recommends their solar company clientele choose the SMM package first.

Want Your Audience and Potential Customers to Believe in Your Brand?

There’s nothing like having a loyal base of customers of your business that helps you grow and bring new business to your doorstep. And you can have it too. Not so surprisingly, it starts with partnering with a reliable digital marketing agency.

Call us today and find out about how we work.

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