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Widen the Reach of Your Business With Tried and Tested Digital Marketing Strategies

Technology Companies understand the power of tech and the digital world better than anybody else. Your business is based on promoting the usage of the latest technical gadgets so it’s important that your business’ marketing techniques are at par with its core purpose. Digital marketing is the call of the times and it’s practically impossible to grow your client base without promoting your products and services on the internet. If you’re targeting customers who actively avail tech services, then it’s quite natural for them to have a solid presence on the internet today. Due to this, digital marketing is one of the best ways of increasing your brand visibility locally and globally.

Partnering up with JDM Web Technologies to carry out your online marketing strategies adds a professional edge to your efforts. We take the burden of advertising and marketing goods off your shoulders and let you focus on what you do the best – optimizing your product and running your business. Our experts have accumulated an enormous amount of experience after working for over a decade in the marketing industry. Blended with trending SEO practices and rich knowledge of every major social platform, we make an unbeatable team of marketers.

About JDM Web Technologies

We’ve emerged as a paragon in the online marketing industry because of our sheer dedication to excellence and research-backed methods. We quantitatively assess your growth and use practices that show an actual increase in the number of people who regularly follow your brand and invest their money in it. This systematic approach ensures that you never stay in the dark regarding whether you are receiving an adequate ROI on your online marketing efforts or not.

JDM’s Marketing Solutions for Technology Companies

Give Your Tech Business the Platform It Deserves

Over the years we’ve worked with companies across the globe and tried different marketing strategies to determine what works and what does not. Our team now uses these insights to build custom marketing plans for every company. Thus, we will understand the priorities of your technology company and devise techniques accordingly. There are so many types of tech equipment and services out there – you may build hardware for big machines, run a tech gadget store, provide software development services, or repair existing appliances. Whatever may the nature of your services be, we will help you become a leader in your industry.

Here are some of our services that will enhance your company’s online presence.

Website Development

To get you started on your online journey, we can help you build a functional and aesthetically easing website. Our team will ensure that your website is sturdy and isn’t prone to breakdowns or hacks. You will be provided with a security system that doesn’t tamper with user data. Both the front-end and back-end of the website will be optimized such that it warrants a pleasant experience for both the website user and the owner. We can inculcate any specific demands you have in terms of design or features without compromising on page loading speed.

PPC Marketing

PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads are all the rage on popular search engines. They can help you display any new tech devices you launch or just advertise your services to a wider public. But you wouldn’t want to pay for ads that don’t yield actual monetary benefits for you. This is why we design attractive ads for your technology company and adjust the settings such that they reach the desired crowds. At the end of every cycle, you can see the conversion rates for your ads and modify your strategies accordingly. Tangible results are the core purpose of our marketing techniques.

Link Building

People often rely on review forums and influences in the tech market to advise them regarding what products they should be buying. So featuring on these websites can help you bring in new customers who believe in your product automatically because they’ve heard about it from a trusted source. We reach out to such leading websites in the tech sphere and ask them to link your business to the content that they put out. This generates traffic to your website from multiple sources.

Technical SEO

As the name suggests, a tech company cannot go without having a well-defined technical SEO strategy. Using our technical SEO measures, we will ensure that whenever somebody searches about a specific product or service that you provide, your company’s name instantly pops up. This is very valuable since technical SEO brings in clients who are actually interested in what your company does. This drives up the conversion rate by manifolds.

On-Page SEO

No matter how impressive your website is, it only performs to its full potential when it can be found by the right users. To ensure that people who want to avail tech services find your website, we execute the finest on-page SEO tactics. It’s important to keep in mind that SEO is time-sensitive and the ranking standards for various search engines keep altering every few months. With JDM, you never have to worry about being left out since we keep updating your website content to keep it relevant.

Social Media Marketing

Millions of people shop using social media websites each day. Apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Quora have a big impact on consumer behavior. This is why we maintain profiles for your tech company on all of these platforms so that your brand is on people’s minds all the time. We put out engaging and useful content on your behalf so that people are persuaded to follow you and eventually, purchase your products.

Reputation Management

Usually technical goods are treated as a big investment whether you target households or businesses. As a result, negative word of mouth can easily deter a buyer from purchasing your products. JDM will ensure that no false or negative reviews regarding your services stay on the internet. This helps you restore your brand image and build reliability amongst potential customers.

Why Choose Us?



For years, we have been the reason for success for many brands. Our teams possess excellent skills in their respective fields. Each of our professionals is either certified or passionate, or both, and stays updated with new trends and practises in their respective internet marketing field. We are always learning, always improving and always expanding our horizons.



We bring over 10 years of experience and expertise to the table. In these 10 years, there’s barely any industry that we haven’t worked on. Every time we come across a project, our team, who have worked together for years, always finds a creative and new approach to execute it despite the size and unique requirements.



JDM Web Technologies believes in working together throughout the project- whether it is with teams or clients. After you share your requirements and preferences with us, we put in every effort to meet them. From prices to change in your project preferences, we will keep you in the loop. We are transparent about our abilities and inabilities with you.



Time has an effective impact on everything – the marketing world and your business. Either your business is expanding or unfortunately not performing up to the mark, your marketing needs will change with time. But we want you to know that we are here for you at both kinds of changes with custom and flexible offers. Apart from that, we stay updated with the changing marketing requirements in general.



JDM Web Technologies is nothing if not affordable. We are the best solution to your small business marketing needs. Many start-ups have availed our services, learning the new ways they can best promote their start-ups to meet their success milestones. Our services, although come in affordable rates, meet the industry standards when it comes to quality.


Digital marketing services are today’s generation of effective promotion. All software and technology companies that are at the top use digital or online ways of marketing. Traditional marketing services are effective, but nothing is better than digital ways.

If you want your software and technology company to grow clients consistently, then digital marketing will be extremely helpful. Digital marketing can help even the smallest of companies to grow globally and achieve unique goals.

JDM Web Technologies provides digital marketing services that cover online branding and website development, paid online campaigns, and management of social media accounts. Internet marketing creates the best opportunities for software companies.

Digital marketing is advantageous as it is easy to reach the targeted audience faster and provides easy access to information about the software and technology company. The companies can track data about their growth and sales as well.

Content marketing, email marketing, website creation and designing, PPC advertising, and SEO or local SEO optimization are major marketing strategies that JDM Web Technologies use.

The promotion of software and technology companies spread greatly with video marketing. Creation of videos and posting them on YouTube can help improve visibility and improve the authorial strength of your brand with the trust factor.

Video marketing is a must if you want your software and technology company to trust yourself and the audience. Video graphics are proven to keep your targeted audience for longer periods. It is also easy to promote through videos as they can be easily accessed on mobile phones.

Software and technology companies can organically boost traffic directly to their site using JDM Web Technologies’ SEO or Local SEO packages.

SEO is different from local SEO as it focuses on a global audience, while the latter focuses on targeting a particular region.

Yes, SEO marketing methods can help software and technology companies to grow well as it directs traffic to the site well. This is beneficial as people who click on your site will help your page rank on the top.

SEO, SMO, Guest Posting, PPC advertising, YouTube Marketing, and Website Maintenance are some of the best packages that you must use to grow your software and technology company.

Software and technology companies trust us with the marketing of their brand because we offer a variety of good services, and they are well-executed too.

Hyperlink Infosystem, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, Infosys, and Microsoft are some famous software companies that use digital marketing.

Apple, Samsung Electronics, Hitachi, Microsoft, and Dell Technologies are famous technology companies that turn to digital marketing services.

There is no doubt that you must choose JDM Web Technologies to get the best services. They have a massive client base that they have built with their first-rate services, detailed and transparent plans, and the trust that they offer.

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