Digital Marketing Services for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses

Digitalization has changed how modern travelers plan their travel and book their tickets. While before people used to travel and know good places through word of mouth, today people have better ways to make travel decisions. Travel stories, blogs, social media posts with visuals help people make better travel choices from various recommendations.

Digitalization has made travel easier too – not only with recommendations but also with bookings, transportation guides, or just with information regarding travel and accommodations. You can use an app or a website to book everything within seconds.

Since the consumers are starting to incorporate digital ways into their travel experience, behind these experiences are businesses trying to make things easier for their prospective customers. Tourism businesses now use digital marketing strategies to make traveling easier or help with information for their consumers and boost their sales. Through many forms of digital marketing, tourism and hospitality businesses try to raise awareness about their products and services.

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    Why Should Tourism and Hospitality Businesses not ignore Digital Marketing Services?

    Digital Marketing is as essential as consumers for the tourism and hospitality industry. While all forms of digital marketing are not efficient, social media marketing is one of the most important aspects to focus on.

    Here’s why tourism and hospitality businesses should never ignore digital marketing; instead, leverage it to boost sales and develop their business as a brand.


    Can reach your consumers easily
    Social media marketing can efficiently deliver any changes or trends about your industry to your consumers. You can expect to reach your target audience with strategic social media marketing or SEO-optimized marketing strategies.


    Can learn how your customers enjoy your service
    Feedback is an important part of any business, but it is especially important for those that wish to expand their firm in a transparent and honest manner. Customers find it easier to submit feedback on social media pages or Google reviews than they do on other websites.


    Can help in staying updated
    The needs of customers keep evolving, and so does the market. To ensure that your services are up to date with customers’ needs, a tourism company will require digital marketing to follow the latest trends and technology.

    JDM Digital Marketing Services for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses

    Through web marketing services, you may raise destination awareness, sell more hotel rooms, and improve your customers’ experience. In the hotel, tourist, and travel industries, we have vast expertise and knowledge. Our staff has worked in hotel digital marketing and revenue management departments, managed marketing programmes for destination marketing organisations, and promoted destinations, resorts, hotels, and attractions all around the world.

    seo and web optimization final
    Search Engine Optimization

    Did you know that an average of 38% of travel planning is done online on a global scale? And this is not going to stop here, as with the advancement of digitalization, the number will increase twice. Many of your potential customers might not know your business yet, but when they search for tourism and hospitality services, we want to make sure they find you first on the internet.

    Our team of SEO specialists research low-competition keywords and incorporates relevant and high-quality content to ensure that both the search engine and audience find a way to be satisfied.

    Social Media Marketing

    While ads are not everyone’s favorite way to get interested in something, social media posts sure help. When created with love and fun, social media posts and trends in mind are powerful enough to help people want your services even when they don’t need them. As a business, you can offer trip destinations, photos, and information about lodging to give potential consumers a taste of what they’ll be paying for.

    At JDM Web Technologies, we have a dedicated social media team that actively uses social media platforms and is well-versed with trends and ever-changing features. Our team builds a brand for you in the digital space and will not advertise your products directly.

    Online Reputation Marketing

    Business and their reputation walk side by side. As a business owner, you have put a lot of effort into building a brand and reputation. Not to mention all your employee’s hard work and sincere contribution. Our dedicated ORM team helps you in reputation management. They focus on claiming your business on various platforms like Yelp, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, etc.

    With various tools and resources, our team will monitor your online reputation across different social and online platforms and take necessary actions to ease negative impressions and answer specific constructive feedback.

    Website Design and Development

    Tourism and hospitality are primarily about pleasure and leisure and need a showcase to show people something to choose you. A good website design with fast and reliable performance is your first step to wooing your target audience.

    Our team of website designers and developers helps you in choosing best of the images, structured and positioned at convenient places. Our team does this all while ensuring a website construction that is SEO-friendly. Websites we build and design are responsive and made with a mobile-first strategy to ensure your website meets the needs of thousands of those who use mobile devices.

    Email Marketing Services

    An average of 80% of marketers claims that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing that helps a company have warm quality leads, which they eventually turn into customers.

    Generating direct and personalized conversations is one of the reasons why email marketing works so well. And our team of email marketers is well-versed with both. We focus on collecting email addresses to email integration with your social media accounts.

    We create email content that includes welcome emails, confirmation emails, emails that provide updated details, etc.

    Pay Per Click Ad Service

    Pay per Click Ad services helps you spend the money that brings back results. PPC marketing and ads target your potential customers looking for a solution to their travel needs on the internet. By paying search engines, you are ensuring that your company has better visibility.

    We are a PPC marketing company that has experience running campaigns associated with destinations, hotels, travel packages, concerts, local tours, etc.

    Why Choose Us?

    Tourism marketing is difficult! The digital landscape is enormous, and there are more options to attain desired goals than ever before. Our destination expertise allows us to offer results more rapidly because we’ve faced many of the difficulties that marketers confront.


    Affordable Packages

    At JDM Web Technologies, we assist small businesses in realising their potential and grow without having to worry about the costs associated with digital marketing services. When you choose our services for your small business or start-up, we ensure that you discuss your project with us before.

    We create personalized digital marketing packages for each different industry and each different company if that’s what our client is looking for. Our packages are affordable because our focus is high on what brings you results and nothing unnecessary.


    Transparent Reporting

    We will provide you with transparent digital marketing reports by carefully compiling and organizing them in a way that you can make the best sense of them. Our transparent and detailed reporting will help you learn the effectiveness of the campaigns and help you decide further whether you want to continue with the same digital marketing forms, campaigns, or services.

    We are a data-driven company, who believe that we will lag without any data-driven marketing strategies and our services.


    24 Hour Service

    We always have a dedicated team of digital marketers along with customer support working on different shifts. Have any doubt about any aspect of our work? Call us for clarity anytime. Need a fast revision of content or coding before your launch date? Our services are ready to provide you with the revision within the short time possible.

    With years of working with clients from all over the world, we have mastered working at any hour of the day, and from taking late-night calls to sealing big deals, we have done it all.


    Dedicated Project Manager

    Our dedicated project manager will help you through all things related to your project and ensure that your project is on track. You can contact your dedicated project manager to know the status of your project, request them for changes in your requirements, or talk about anything associated with your project.

    Our dedicated project manager is a single point of contact who is skilled and has knowledge about various aspects of digital marketing – be it website designs or content marketing.


    Advanced Tools

    We are always on the lookout to learn new things, understand new trends and tools that will assist us in providing you with an up-to-date service. We invest in industry-leading solutions that streamline and optimise our processes, from SEO to email marketing to graphic design.

    With advanced tools and technologies, we ensure your social media posts are posted at the right time and frequencies; your website has fast and reliable performance along with a design that is responsive and highly optimized.


    In-house Resources

    From editing tools to various coding software and our skilled workforce, we have in-house resources ready to deliver all aspects of our digital marketing services. We don’t outsource our services and can ensure that all our services will be delivered in the highest quality.

    With our in-house resources and services, you as a client are assured with complete transparency and enhanced relationship with our teams or our agency.


    Yes! Digital Marketing takes time to get you results. Hence, you must start as soon as you release you can.

    We believe you must invest everywhere your customers are looking for your services. Hence, there isn’t one suitable digital marketing service. To get the best of the digital world, you must strategically invest in all digital marketing services.

    Digital marketing is considerably less expensive than traditional marketing methods. You’ll be able to quickly measure the digital marketing campaign, pause and resume it at your leisure, and start with a small budget. When you notice benefits and want to gain more, you can gradually invest more money.

    Your project will be handled by our in-house digital marketing experts. As soon as you signup, you will be assigned a professional project manager who will communicate with you regularly to keep you informed.

    We do not have a lock-in policy. Anytime you feel you want to stop the service, you can inform the project manager, and he will initiate to hand over the access of your accounts to you.

    Partner With JDM Web Technologies to Find Out Your True Potential

    Are you starting your business journey and looking for an affordable digital marketing agency? Why not talk with us about your requirements, and we shall see if we are a match? Apart from helping companies head start their digital marketing, we also help those who want to change their digital marketing services from a different agency to ours.

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