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As a tree care business owner, if you have not implemented digital marketing, you are far behind your competitors. We are a leading digital agency providing 360° digital marketing solutions to tree care businesses across the globe. Many tree care businesses, the older ones, often hesitate to switch to digital marketing from the traditional format. With traditional marketing, they are not only missing out on the latest industry marketing trends but also failing to reach a broader customer base. Digital marketing has helped many small businesses find their targeted customer demographics via several online channels.

As a digital marketing agency, we help businesses understand the importance of online marketing and create functional strategies for them. Following our approach and implementing our digital marketing techniques, so far, thousands of businesses have achieved their business goals in less time than they did with their traditional marketing. Whether you are a small business or a well-established one, we will create marketing strategies that appeal to your target audience and keep them connected with your branding.

About JDM Web Technologies


Established in 2009 with an aim to provide quality digital marketing services and help brands find their foothold in a saturated industry, we have handpicked our team members from across the country because of their years of experience before joining us. As an agency, we are dedicated to ensuring that whatever marketing procedure or path you choose will always bring you loyal customers, and you will be able to retain them. So far, we have worked with some of the high-end businesses and helped them find their customer on the online landscape.


As an agency, our primary goal is to help businesses understand the importance of digital marketing and help them reach the next level in their marketing game. Therefore, we offer our services in multiple packages, which might vary from months to years, depending on what package you choose and what your long-term goal is.


Digital marketing helps you create a strong brand identity for your tree care business and promote your brand to that specific group of people who might require your services. Our marketing plan will help you acquire clients of your liking, from residential properties to commercial tree care projects. Among all the marketing and business portion methods you use, digital marketing is the most affordable and assures you a high ROI while you notice changes in our traffic from the very first week.

About JDM Web Technologies

Tree care is undoubtedly one of the most competitive business industries, especially with new entrepreneurs starting their startups. So it does not matter how good of a business you are or how many years of experience you have; people will not care unless you market your business and yourself correctly. As a result, many companies often miss out on a massive chunk of your prospect, who might be looking for the services you offer online.

When you transition to online marketing from your traditional format, you can often do it at a highly affordable rate. Moreover, online marketing can reach more people because more than half of the earth’s population spends their time surfing through the internet or scrolling down social media platforms. So what better, more accessible, and cost-effective way to reach them and build a robust online identity.

JDM Web Technologies Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

We provide a wide array of digital marketing services that will increase your revenue by at least three folds, attract new customers to your business and make them stick to your business in the long run. Suppose you are unsure whether our pre-planned packages will work best for your business. In that case, we also provide custom marketing solutions tailored to your business, location, and, more specifically, your targeted customer base. From developing your website to managing your online reputation, we provide extensive digital marketing services to ensure that you are always outranking your competitors. Here are some of our top digital marketing services that will be helpful for the growth of your business and customer in the online space:

Local SEO

Like on-page or off-page SEO, local SEO is one of the most important aspects for businesses focused on providing services or selling their products in a specific local area. For our local SEO services, we will create a GoogleMyBusiness page fr your business and include your business details in a local business inventory. Including your business details in a local business directory will help your prospects find your business easily online and get in contact with you to discuss details. In addition, local SEO helps your business appear on top of the SERPs when people enter search terms related to your business.

Social Media Marketing

If you have ever used any social media platform, you already know how many businesses have found their start in social media itself. We will create social media profiles for your business on multiple platforms so that you can run your promotion and ad campaigns without any limit. We will create graphics, social media copies with targeted keywords, targeted hashtags so that your content reaches people who might be looking for your services. We will also make sure to create targeted ads so that when people are looking for tree care services, they get your business suggested in their social media profiles.

Email marketing

Emails are a more formal yet one of the more effective ways to reach your existing customer base, as well as the people who have signed up for your newsletter. From informing them about any sales or discounts you might offer on your services to sending them informative emails, you can retain your existing customers with your email marketing. We will also create informative newsletters about your services to send out to people subscribed to your business. Our emails will prompt the readers to visit your website, look more for your services, and eventually create a successful sales funnel.

Online Reputation Management

Your reputation online is a matter that makes or breaks your business when you are online and running ad campaigns online. So maintaining a spotless reputation online is vital to your business so that your potential customers are not discouraged. We will respond to any of the comments that your existing or potential customers leave on your pages and moderate comments so that no fake reviews or comments can make it to your pages. We will also ensure that your competitors are not working against your business to hurt your sales and revenue.

Website design and development

When they look for businesses online, most people often choose one with an official website. A well-designed website increases your trustworthiness among the audience. So we will create a well-designed, fast-loading website for your business, with enough web pages containing information about your business. In addition, we will make sure that your website is accessible from several devices and has a fast loading speed. Website visitors like websites that load within the first 6-8 seconds of visiting them, so having a fast responding website is a must for your tree care business.

We will also design your website to contain all the necessary information and have graphics related to your industry. Of course, you cannot have a website without images or any form of graphics, so we will make adding relevant graphics, photos, and videos a priority.

PPC advertising

If you are looking to increase the organic traffic on your website at an affordable rate, PPC advertising is the way to go. We will create exciting PPC ads for your business that will appear on top of the SERPs, even before the organic results. You only need to pay for the ads when people click on them in PPC advertising. It attracts organic people to your business, as people are curious to check out your services. It also increases your brand recognition and target customers in real-time, making it near perfect ad campaign method.

seo and web optimization final

Developing a website is just the tip of the iceberg of digital marketing, as you have a long way to go after that. Have you ever wondered how websites are ranked on the search engine results page? How do search engines decide which website would appear on top and which ones would appear in the second, third, or all other remaining pages? It is all done with well-planned and well-executed search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a process where we will optimize your website’s pages or other online pages so that when a person enters a search term relevant to your business, your website will appear on top of the first page. We will implement on-page, off-page, and technical optimization to create meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags to your images and create URLs.

We will also create relevant content like ad copies, blogs, articles, social media copies, where we will create keyword-rich content so that web crawlers will find your content to be good enough to rank on the first page. We will leave no stone unturned that might harm your business when it comes to SEO. Within our technical SEO, we will create URLs and internal and external links that you can use to generate more organic traffic.

Why choose us?

With almost thousands of digital marketing agencies available for you to choose from, choosing the ideal one might be somewhat troublesome. We do many things differently from our competitors, and here is what sets us apart from them:


Competitive price

Whether you are looking for a readymade package or a customized one, our prices are highly competitive. We serve a vast range of businesses, so we must make our packages affordable to everyone.


Customized packages

All of our readymade packages might not amount up to the services you are looking for, so we are ready to customize our packages for you. We will add or remove any benefits you might want in a package to be most suitable for your tree care business.


Skilled professionals

All of our team members have years of experience in digital marketing under their belts, making them highly qualified and experienced in what they do. We are always on top of any marketing trends, and we make sure to implement them in our digital marketing packages so that the services we provide are future-proof.


Regular updates

We understand that with all the money you are investing in our digital marketing strategies, you would expect to see the results and how it has helped your business. Depending on your choice, we will send your updates on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Our reports will contain figures and charts showing how the implementation of our digital marketing services has revolutionized your business.


Customer service

Since our clients are spread all across the globe, we are available to handle their complaints and queries 24/7. Whatever the question or complaints you might have, we will resolve them within 24-48 hours so that you will not be behind on your digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions by Tree Care Companies

Tree care companies should be on as many digital platforms as they can. The strength of digital marketing is vast, and not making use of them is foolish. Tree care companies should be on social media sites, create their web pages, and optimize their search engines.

Websites are meant to induce the potential customer to be interested in the company, and this can be done by creating catchy logos and slogans. Catchy lines will be embedded in their mind, and they might even refer the company to other people.

If you want your tree care company to generate leads quickly, choose digital marketing services as soon as possible. One such tip is joining social media sites to generate millions of leads in a short time by consistent efforts.

JDM Web Technologies have a variety of digital marketing packages that can be customized according to the client’s needs, requirements, and budgets.

Tree care companies can include traditional modes of marketing in their marketing plans but relying on them completely will reduce a faster chance of generating potential leads into customers.

Speak to our digital marketing experts today and get ready to grow multiple times. You can contact us via phone, email or just fill the form on our website.

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