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Generating More Leads With Smart Strategies

If you are a business owner that deals with trucks and trailers, you already know how extensive the industry is. However, with thousands of trucker and trailer companies available, finding the right customer base could sometimes be a bit of a hassle. In such cases digital companies can be of extreme help, to find you your desired customer base and reach them to create a long-term business relationship with them. As a digital marketing agency, in the past, we have helped several truck and trailer companies, as well as businesses of different industries, reach their business goals in a minimal time frame.

We conduct in-depth, industry-specific research so that we can come up with a digital marketing strategy that will fit industry requirements and follow the trends that will help find you a customer base. We leverage modern tools and technology to ensure that with our strategies you will be able to outrank your competitors by a mile. In this age of information, it does not matter how good of a service you provide or how successful of a truck and trailer company you are, unless your marketing is directed towards the targeted customer base.

About Us


We are leading digital marketing based out of India providing marketing services to businesses on a global scale. Ever since our launch in 2009, we have helped businesses of multiple industries find their specific customer base and develop a strong online identity. Our digital marketing plans will help you create your brand identity among the netizens and attract new customers with customised marketing strategies. One of the many reasons we are a global leader in digital marketing agencies is we focus on creating unique digital marketing blueprints for every one of our clients instead of lumping them together industry-wise.


Before creating a marketing plan, we prefer to get on a call with our clients to understand their specific requirements. Even though we provide end-to-end digital marketing services, some of our clients might be interested in one or two of our wide range of services. Getting on a consultation call before starting provides us with the perspective of what to focus on and how to make the best digital marketing plan for your truck and trailer company.

Find Your Desired Customer Base

With JDM’s Future-focused Digital Marketing Services

When you opt to work in a partnership with us for digital marketing services for your truck and trailer company, we will ensure that we cover all the bases to provide you with an unparalleled experience. We have handpicked our team of experts in the country with years of collective experience. All of our experts are skilled in the latest tools and marketing techniques, which help us create a marketing strategy that will help your business website appear on top of SERPs of all major search engines.

One of the important elements of digital marketing is to create content and design your marketing campaign so that it complies with all the current search engine algorithms. So that you would not need to make any major changes to your campaigns for at least a year or two. Here are some of our top services that are included in our digital marketing for truck and trailer companies:

Social Media Marketing

As a business owner, undermining the power of social media in reaching your targeted customer base is the biggest mistake you could make. We will create social media account for your business on multiple platforms and create targeted content for your desired customer base. From creating informative and fun content with targeted keywords and hashtags for desired customers to find you, we do it all. We will leverage the latest tools to find the most important keywords in your industry and include them in all of your social media posts to reach the optimum audience.

seo and web optimization final

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the magical element in the digital marketing landscape that decides whether your website and other online profiles will rank high on the SERP. If all your SEO is in place for your website and social media accounts, people will be ankle to find your business easily. We will optimise your website by adding appropriate images and videos of the suitable resolution, optimise your web pages, text and fix all the broken links to generate more traffic to your website. We will perform on-page, off-page and technical SEO to strengthen your online presence in a cutthroat industry.

8-Content Marketing
Content Writing

If you are looking for ways to create informative content about your business, you can go about it four ways – blog, articles, guest posts and website content. While you might know better about your business, we will be able to arrange it in a way that most people would understand in simple terms. Our team of content writers will write interesting blogs and articles that you will be able to include in your website. We will also create keyword-rich website content so that when the visitors search for a specific term related to your business your website will pop on top of all search engine results.

We will also create guest posts, backlinking them to your website to generate more genuine traffic to your business. You will be able to post the guest posts that discuss in detail the industry and trucks & trailers to high DA websites and redirect the readers to your website for more information.

Website Design and Development

For a truck and trailer company their website is the most important platform where potential customers can find information about their business. So, we will create an engaging yet informative website for your business. We will make sure to add enough web pages, where you will be able to share in detail about your business and attract more customers. Having a functional website that is easy to navigate through not only is good to attract new visitors who could potentially turn into long-time customers but also to retain your old customers. We will optimise your website to comply with all the current optimisation algorithm to rank your website on the first page of all major search engine results including Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Local SEO

As a truck and trailer company, it is no surprise that your primary customer base will be based on your local area as well as surrounding towns and cities. Within our local SEO, we will include your business name in the local business directories, create a GoogleMyBusiness page for your business and include the updated details of your business. Up to date information like phone numbers, address of your business and email IDs help people find your business and contact you.

Why Should you Choose JDM Web Technologies?

Choosing a digital marketing agency from hundreds of others is a daunting task, which is why knowing your requirements is of utmost importance. Once you are aware of what you wish to achieve with the digital marketing campaign you will be able to find the perfect agency for you. Because of the diverse range of services we provide, many of our clients keep coming back to us for their marketing campaigns. Here is what makes us stand apart from the crowd in the digital marketing industry:


Expert Teams

All of our team members are skilled in what they do, be it content writing, creating successful marketing campaigns, or implementing SEO. Once we are sure of the services you are looking for, some of the best-skilled professionals will work on your project.



Since we focus on providing digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes, we make sure to keep our prices affordable. We offer top-notch services at competitive prices, and you will be able to find the details about our packages on our website.


Timely Updates

When you invest your money in a marketing campaign, it is natural for you to wonder whether it is helping your business grow. One of the best things about digital marketing is that with all the increases in traffic, lead generations are available to track and analyse. We will provide you with regular reports, depending on whether you want them monthly or weekly, where you will be able to keep track of the changes that the campaigns bring.


24/7 customer services

If you have a doubt regarding our services or questions, you will be able to reach us any time of the day. Since we cater to international clients, we are available to answer your queries or clear your doubt twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Truck and trailer firms will benefit from it. JDM Web Technologies’ innovative digital solutions enable such organisations to expand their presence in today’s market. Using digital marketing to its full potential is always a good idea.

JDM Web Technologies works with you to define your firm’s target audience, and then they devise comprehensive propaganda strategies to reach them. These strategies can help you expand your heavy vehicle brand online and provide value to your target audience.

To generate leads, you must first identify the right audience. Once you realise that your company’s target audience is the transportation area and people requiring heavy vehicles, leads will begin to pour in.

Digital marketing services to truck and trailer companies by JDM Web Technologies using a practical and detailed strategy. There is no need to worry about your content creation because we can help you with everything from the design of your website to the promotion of your material on numerous social media platforms.

Authenticity and consistency must be used in tandem. You may generate more leads online with the help of JDM Web Technologies, which enables your engineering firm to publish authentic information on an ongoing basis.

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