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Upshow TV

Upshow TV provides content to businesses for their televisions. Traditional TVs show ads that they want, it can be from a business’s competitors. But Upshow allows the business to choose ads that are shown to the customers. They provide eye-catching ads and hand-picked shows that are relevant to customers.

Upshow helps customers transform their TVs into marketing and lead generation assets that are controlled and customized. They ensure that the TVs boost engagement and drive revenue. They promise that their content and offering will bring new customers and repeat visitation.

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Our Results

JDM Web Technologies stepped in and immediately began making a difference.

New User
Pageviews The number of keywords ranking in Top Pages results (Increase Ranking in )

Waiting Room Tv 1st Page
Hooters Tv 1st Page
Powerhouse Gym Logo 1st Page
Le Bourg D Oisans Weather 1s t Page
Kings Bowl Memories 1s t Page

Upshow TV Reduce (80.25% to 42.84%) Bounce Rate, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate 2018 Bounce Rate 2019
80.25% 42.84%

Increase Number of Backlinks (EPI Marketing Services)

Backlinks 2018 Count Backlinks 2019
Referring domains 50 271
Dofollow 20% 96%
Domain Rating 10 47
Backlinks 105 25,139 growth 10 to 37 Domain Authority, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Increase Domain Authority

DA 2018 DA 2019
10 37



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