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If you’ve been trying to develop a solid presence of your brand on social media but haven’t seen any considerable results, it’s time to reach our top-rated Virginia Beach social media marketing agency. Our Virginia Beach social media marketing experts have unmatched experience in the field and know what exactly needs to be done to get you the desired results quickly.

Virginia Beach Social Media Marketing Services

Our array of Virginia Beach social media marketing services is crafted to help businesses of all types

Social Media Marketing

When you want to build and maintain strong and lasting connections with your target audience, let our Virginia Beach social media marketing specialists take care of your social media marketing activities. Not only will our services help enhance your brand reputation and loyalty but they’ll also give a robust boost to your inbound traffic.

Facebook Marketing

Since Facebook is used by a massive number of individuals daily, Facebook marketing has become the cornerstone of social media marketing strategies for countless businesses. You can count on our Virginia Beach social media marketing pros to take care of your Facebook profile and all of its activities efficiently so that you can achieve great results.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has already established its potential as one of the most effective B2B marketing platforms and thus, you should use this service to get your business noticed by its users. Our Virginia Beach social media marketing analysts not only will ensure that you win your target audience but will also help you build your brand’s credibility.

Twitter Marketing

When it comes to keeping people engaged with your brand and making strong connections with them, Twitter marketing is among the most effective routes that you can take. When you use our Twitter marketing service, our Virginia Beach social media marketing team will use data-driven marketing strategies to strengthen your brand’s Twitter presence.

YouTube Marketing

To capture the attention of people in the extremely competitive field of YouTube, you must be able to implement a robust YouTube marketing strategy. Armed with years of hands-on experience in YouTube marketing, our Virginia Beach social media marketing specialists will help you tap into the huge user base of the platform and make them engaged with your brand.

Pinterest Marketing

If you can utilize Pinterest marketing the right way, it can do wonders in enhancing your brand awareness and recognition. As part of our Pinterest marketing service, our Virginia Beach social media marketing experts will take care of everything, from using branded content to drive engagement to utilizing social listening tools to spot your target audience’s needs.

Instagram Marketing

With a powerful Instagram marketing strategy developed by our Virginia Beach social media marketing professionals, you’ll be able to boost your brand’s exposure and drive more traffic to your website. We’ll also help you generate more social signals and engagements that in turn, will give your brand awareness a solid boost.

Ready to Boost Your Brand’s Growth with Virginia Beach Social Media Marketing Services?

Use our Virginia Beach social media marketing services to foster strong connections with your audience

Why Select JDM as Your Virginia Beach Social Media Marketing Company

Our team has the strengths to bring in more traffic and qualified leads quickly


Extensive Experience

Our Virginia Beach social media marketing team comprises highly experienced professionals from different fields. From adept social media marketers and seasoned content strategists to skilled data analysts, and more, our Virginia Beach social media marketing company has a diverse range of experts who collectively enable us to deliver top-notch services.


Unequaled Social Media Expertise

No matter if you wish to stick to organic marketing methods only or prioritize paid promotions or leverage a mix of both, our Virginia Beach social media marketing professionals have the expertise to serve you efficiently. With our unmatched prowess on your side, you can rest assured of attaining your social media marketing goals efficiently.


Measurable Results

Irrespective of the size of a social media marketing project, our Virginia Beach social media marketing analysts always use a broad range of key performance indicators to assess its effectiveness. The ability to measure the results accurately helps us fine-tune our activities and utilize new tactics to ensure that all goals are met properly.


Huge Knowledge of the Field

Our Virginia Beach social media marketing specialists have unmatched knowledge of all aspects of social media marketing. As a result, even if your brand belongs to a highly competitive industry or your business has just started its journey, we’re able to help speed up its growth while keeping it ahead of the competition.


Exceptional Technical Support

At JDM, we strongly believe that when it comes to making a social media marketing project successful, technical support is as important as domain knowledge, social media expertise, and industry experience. This is why our Virginia Beach social media marketing team has several highly knowledgeable technical support experts who monitor every project continually.

Why It Is a Must to Invest In Social Media Marketing For Your Virginia Beach Business


It Boosts Your Brand Awareness

With social media marketing, you get to reach a wider audience and make them aware of your services and/or products. By continuously interacting with those people, you can create a lasting impression on their minds. Not only will this greatly help improve your brand awareness but will also drive more traffic to your site.


It Promotes Your Engagement

Social media marketing lets you use different methods to captivate your target audience. With well-planned content and the execution of a powerful social media marketing strategy, you can build strong connections with lots of social media users and encourage them to interact with your brand regularly, which will take your engagement to new heights.


It Helps Your Brand Build a Better Reputation

With a loyal customer base developed utilizing the power of social media marketing, it becomes quite easy to elevate your brand reputation. Things like interacting with your present and prospective customers regularly and putting your best foot forward to address their pain points not only will promote loyalty but will also enhance your brand reputation.


It Is a Budget-Friendly Method

When you use conventional advertising methods, you must have a considerable budget and may need to wait for a long period of time to get the results. However, with social media marketing, you can make the most out of the platforms’ organic features and start getting noticeable results within a short span of time.


It Helps Boost Your Inbound Traffic

All the actions you carry out on different social media channels can be fine-tuned to maximize their reach and effectiveness. When you place your business and its products and/or services in front of social media users effectively, you can rest assured that many of them will become interested in finding out more about you, and in turn, visit your site.


It Generates More Qualified Leads for You

By correctly using the hyper-targeting options available with social media marketing, you can easily reach the precise groups of individuals that you desire to convert. By convincing those people about the benefits of using your offerings and your brand as a whole, you can motivate them to visit your site and complete the actions you want them to take.

How Much Should You Pay For Social Media Marketing Services for Business in Virginia Beach

Generally, your expenses should be in the range of $100 to $149 when you decide to engage a premier Virginia Beach social media marketing company to manage your activities on an hourly basis. Although the actual cost may vary depending on several factors, you should have a minimum budget of $1,000 if you let such a company handle a small campaign.

Basic Social Media

If you’re the owner of a small business or start-up based in or around Virginia Beach and thinking about utilizing social media marketing to get more leads, you should opt for our basic social media package. As part of it, our Virginia Beach social media marketing professionals will entirely manage two platforms of your choice.

Advanced Social Media

Our advanced social media package is the ideal choice for mid-sized companies such as manufacturing units looking to outperform their business rivals efficiently. When you purchase this package, three of your social media platforms will be handled by our Virginia Beach social media marketing experts together with a certain number of posts.

Enterprise Social Media

If you want your e-commerce store or similar large-scale business to gain prominence at the national level and capture many qualified leads within a short period of time, you should go with our enterprise social media package. Our Virginia Beach social media marketing specialists will create 20 custom image posts and 30 monthly posts while managing five platforms.

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