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If you’re wanting to promote your recycling waste material business online, you’ve come to the correct place. It’s quite simple to increase your business’s traffic and popularity in your specialised market. Recycling waste material may be a lucrative element of your business, and it can be even more lucrative if you employ web marketing to attract new consumers. It has been proved that when a firm goes online, 50% of traffic increases.

Businesses design marketing techniques to attract more clients. More clients equal more activity, higher revenues, and more room for growth. This is a cycle that every organisation strives to attain. A waste management company is no different.

To achieve goals and increase viewer traffic, a company can maximise the use and efficacy of its digital resources, particularly the website and social media. It’s all a numbers game: the more people who visit your website or follow you on social media, the more business you’ll get.

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    About JDM Web Technologies

    JDM Web Technologies is a digital marketing agency, founded in 2009, and based in Delhi, India. At JDM Web Technologies, we provide our digital marketing services to various parts of the world and across various industries including Real Estate, Dealers and Distributors, Education Industry, Banks and Financial, Construction industries, etc.

    While we are always focusing on different strategies for businesses belonging to different industries, we also work on different strategies as businesses are different from each other even while belonging to the same industry. At JDM Web Technologies, we are data-driven, and value metrics include new sales, conversions, or customers.

    Vision & Mission

    JDM Web Technologies started with a vision to provide 360-degree solutions to digital marketing requirements across the globe. Whether you are a small company looking for expanding your service location, or a new startup that is looking for meeting your highly targeted customers, our services are suitable for both.

    Our mission is to gather all the top skills in the industry and provide our clients with the best of services – to meet their goals and grow as a company.

    Why Waste Management Companies Need Digital Marketing Services?

    Waste Management Companies are typically aiming for residential and small business customers. For both homes and commercial contractors, services include residential waste and recycling pickup, commercial waste and recycling pickup, and roll-off dumpster rentals. If you own or operate a waste collection company, you need a website that can be quickly found in local internet searches for your service category.


    Building A Brand Image
    Waste management services vary depending on the company, and for providing a better insight into what your company does different or does best, you will need a brand image set up in the digital platform. A brand image helps customers connect with you immediately, without much hesitation of trust or reliability.


    Provide Information And Awareness
    Waste management companies are passionate about cleanliness and the environment in general. While they definitely do their job, they also like to encourage people to take a step themselves and work on waste management. Providing awareness and important information is marketing in itself, as people like to work with companies that know what they are doing or what their professional role is.


    Save Expense In Marketing
    Saving expenses with digital marketing is not exclusive to waste management companies. Digital marketing so far has been a cheaper mode of marketing compared to traditional marketing. You can reach a wider range of audiences, execute effective marketing strategies and evaluate the progress and results at an affordable price.

    JDM Web Technologies Services for Waste Management Companies

    Waste management companies are benefited from a select number of digital marketing services but are most benefited from services like:

    Web Design & Development

    Waste management is a big industry, each having its own set of specialisations, products and services. We help your company in building a website that shows cases what you do, and how you are involved in waste management. But most of all, our specialization lies in building you a website that is fast, high performing navigation and attracts your audience with its looks.

    Both web designers and developers work together and work in stages like wireframing to give your mockup a life with coding. The websites we build are easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and are assured to improve customer experience.

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

    At JDM Web Technologies, our PPC marketers work on researching select keywords relevant to a specific geographical location. Targeted keywords allow various companies like waste management companies to enjoy the best levels of visibility among their competitors.

    Before we start the PPC campaign, we talk to our clients about the budget, goals and the project as a whole to ensure that the campaigns are effective. Since we don’t have over contracts on digital marketing services, you can start or pause, and even stop your PPC advertisements depending on how you like your results.

    seo and web optimization final
    Search Engine Optimization

    JDM Web Technologies have efficient SEO packages, with a proven track record of boosting website’s traffic followed by leads and sales. SEO is an important part of digital marketing, and our SEO services are comprehensive and backed by SEO specialists.

    Our SEO services include keyword research, optimization of content with keywords, working on website and webpage SEO, SEO driven advertisement campaigns, etc. We provide link building, on-page and off-page SEO, along with Google My Business services according to needs.

    8-Content Marketing
    Content Marketing

    Our content marketing team starts by analysing clients’ current marketing content and working on competitor research. They also work with SEO specialists to incorporate keywords and optimize the text content in blogs or websites. Content marketing is one of the bigger aspects of digital marketing, and we often approach it after analysing the audience first.

    Our content marketing team is great at delivering high-quality blogs, infographics, social media copy, whitepapers, newsletters, etc.

    Social Media Marketing

    We understand that the very strategy of anything social media is none other than relevancy. Our team of social media experts and managers are active social media users themselves and try their best to understand your project and industry at large. Our social media experts are experienced in jumping into the emerging and ongoing trends with the most fun and creative posts possible.

    Our teams will manage your social media profiles across various social media platforms along with creating posts, updating your page, and recommending to you which platform best works for your services.

    Local SEO

    If you are targeting local customers for your waste management services then there’s no form of digital marketing that will help you as a local SEO. We handcraft local SEO strategies and help business increase their visibility in the search engine when people are looking for local; waste management services.

    We also help you boost your business listings along with the management of Google My Business accounts. We also oversee and control your reviews and ratings, ensuring that your brand is always keeping a positive image.

    Why Choose JDM Web Technologies for Your Waste Management Company Marketing

    Whether it is one month or one year, we are ready to be your digital marketing partner, helping you grow your brand in the digital space. Read our reviews on Google and on our site to know more about helping our clients.



    While expertise and experience drive our digital marketing services, we understand that for a business to thrive, one needs more than digital marketing skills. From our customer care support to dedicated project managers, we ensure that the relationship you have with our agency will be hassle-free.

    We believe in a positive attitude towards all our clients and let seamless communication help us in understanding clients’ requirements. With a dedicated project manager, you can now have a single point of contact.


    Knowledge & Expertise

    Our workforce includes experts that know their skills and jobs in-depth and are passionate about it. Digital marketing is a world and field that keeps changing frequently, and our workforce is proactive in following every trend and a new set of practices.

    Our experts gather knowledge and go through training to stay updated with the changing trends and are great at adapting and creatively incorporating new practices. This is what makes it possible for us to deliver amazing and 99% satisfactory results to our clients.



    We maintain the highest form of transparency in pricing, practices, and reporting. Everyone should know where their money is being used, and we provide estimates without any hidden charges. We also ensure that our digital marketing practices adhere to search engines guidelines, and we do not outsource our services.

    We also provide detailed and transparent reporting, with which you can learn how your campaigns are doing. With detailed reporting, it is also possible for you to know which services are working for your business and which are not.



    Our solutions are cost-effective, and it is going to be that way because that’s one of our visions. While we cannot make a service cheaper than it actually is, we try to make packages affordable by making you include services that you need. We don’t include random services on your packages without any proof of whether they will work.

    We are a one-stop solution for all things digital marketing requirements, and you can find any service that your brand or business needs.


    Our Commitment

    We are known for our commitment to your projects. It is true that we cannot commit to everything that comes to us because we first evaluate whether it is something we can do based on skills or time. But once you work with us, and we have accepted your project, we are 100% committed to it. There are no other priorities than delivering your project within the deadline.


    No. We can’t promise or guarantee you something like that. Because there are 100 other websites targeting the same keywords or trying to rank using various other digital marketing agencies. Apart from that, there are constant changes in rankings, results, etc. But what you should target instead is to increase the traffic of your website than it was before.

    We would like to say 6-8 weeks is the average time for a website to be launched, including both design and development, but it highly depends upon the size of the project. Some clients have specific requirements, which might require more time than usual.

    Very true. Not just small businesses and startups, but large enterprises are adopting digital marketing today because their audience is in the digital space. With an increasing number of people using the internet, it is high time that business shifts their marketing slowly to digital spaces.

    Are You Wondering What Services Could Be Suitable for Your Company?

    It is indeed confusing what services to invest in, or what services could work best. Let us help in your journey in discovering the best services for you, get in touch with us.

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