Keep Your Website Up-To-Date With JDM’s WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Keeping your WordPress website updated and monitored will keep it secure from any kind of malware attacks. We at JDM Web Technologies provide various WordPress website maintenance packages to businesses of all sizes building their websites on WordPress and providing maintenance & support services.

Services Included In the WordPress Website Maintenance

We understand that running a business and maintaining a business website are two very different jobs. It requires people skilled in completely different fields; therefore, it is normal for a business person to not know how to maintain their website. Maintaining your website and keeping its SEO strategies updated is important if you plan to reach more customers in the digital space.

No matter which industry your business is in, it is extremely competitive, and you will need to do everything you can to outpace your competitors. Having a website can be vastly useful in building not only your brand identity but using the website to sell your product, advertise your services, and giving your customers an official platform to connect with you.

With the help of our several WordPress maintenance packages, we help businesses to make the best of WordPress features and services. Our WordPress maintenance packages for businesses include

Website and database backups

One of the primary services included in our WordPress Maintenance package is WordPress and database backups. Backups help keep your website and all your essential information in the database safe and secure. Even if somehow your website malfunctions after an update or error affects its functionality, regular backing up will save you a lot of headache and hassle in such cases.

WordPress, theme, and plugin updates

to keep your WordPress sites health in check and the coding updated, we will regularly update your WordPress themes and plugins. These updates keep your website secure, stable, and compatible with all the newly released features.

24/7 server downtime monitoring

With the help of various plugins available within the WordPress platform, we will monitor your server downtime 24/7. Our monitoring helps us recognize the bugs and errors that might cause your server to break down before it happens and solve the problems to ensure that your website is always up and running.

Security Monitoring

We understand the importance of keeping sensitive information like your customers’ personal payment details and others secure. So we monitor your WordPress website regularly to ensure that your website will not fall prey to the cybercriminals launching such phishing attacks.

Scheduled Maintenance Updates

Maintenance updates are important to keep your website stable and ensure that it performs perfectly even if there is a sudden surge in web traffic. We will schedule maintenance updates when there is the least amount of audience visiting your website so that your business operations never stop.

Dedicated Account representative

We will assign a dedicated WordPress maintenance engineer once you start with our packages. The dedicated engineer will be available to handle any kind of setback on your website and handle it instantly.

Access to the design and development team

To ensure that our maintenance services align with your website’s design and development module, we will provide access to your WordPress design and development team. We will work together to provide you with a WordPress website that will take your business to the next level.

Notification and alerts

We will create custom notifications and alerts for your WordPress website, tailored to different products and services. With the help of these custom alerts, you will be able to provide a personalized touch to the notifications that you send to your audience and customers.

Affordable WordPress Website Maintenance packages

When you hire JDM Web Technologies to perform maintenance services on your WordPress website, you will find that we offer our services in multiple packages. No matter whichever package you choose, our primary goal is to perform maintenance and provide ongoing support to your business website so that you never have to face any issue with it. We have a team of highly experienced engineers who will take care of your website backup, updates and security risks to encourage traffic growth.

Whether you are working with our website development team or have an in-house team to develop your WordPress website, we will ensure that our WordPress maintenance service will help your business grow.

How can JDM help you with maintenance services?

Our WordPress maintenance team provides a wide range of WordPress maintenance services. The services included in our packages are:


WordPress Updates

Depending upon your preference, we will provide weekly, monthly WordPress updates. These updates ensure that your website is running smoothly, secured, and always up-to-date with recent changes. The updates fix bugs and add more features so that both you and your customers can enjoy secure and improved website functions.


Plugin Updates

We will update your WordPress plugins at least twice a month to ensure that all the recent changes made for the plugins by WordPress are immediately applied to your website. The plugins act like apps on your site, so updating them regularly prevents hackers from planting malicious coding.


Security Monitoring

As a WordPress maintenance service provider, one of our primary goals will be to provide top-notch security to your website. We will constantly monitor any changes required in your security strategy for the website to keep cybercriminals at bay. Security monitoring allows us to identify cyber threats or viruses before they can worm their way into the website.


Malware removal

As we regularly perform security checks on the website, we will be able to isolate malware and security threats once we identify them. After identifying it, we will run a security check through the entire website to ensure that it has not affected any functionality or files. If it does, we will repair those files and remove the malware immediately.


Cloud backup

We will backup all your website data and information to a cloud server. We will run backup daily so that even if your device breaks down one day, you will not lose a single piece of information about your business or your audience. Cloud backup keeps all your data information and allows you to access your website from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.


Email support

Our dedicated WordPress maintenance engineer to your website is available to answer all your questions. Whether you have queries regarding our services, your website performance, or something else, you can always connect them via their email address. To make the process easier, we will install a support button on your dashboard, clicking which will prompt one of our engineers to help you.


Custom development

We also provide custom WordPress development or minor changes to your existing website to ensure it fits your requirements. Whether you require a small modification or large-scale changes, our engineers will help you create a website just as you like it.


Data Migration

If you are currently hosting your website on a different platform and want to migrate to WordPress, we will help you transition hassle-free. Our experts will migrate all the data from your current hosting platform to WordPress and support you throughout the process.


WordPress experts

Our WordPress experts will handle every small and big job required to keep the website running smoothly. Whether data migration or CSS style changes, we will handle it all. From installing plugins to updating content, we have experts in every field, and we are ready to provide you with top-notch services whenever you need them.

Our simple process of WordPress website maintenance

Our process of providing WordPress maintenance services is comprised of four simple steps:

  • Once you choose the package fitting your requirement, you sign up for it.
  • After receiving the website credentials, we will perform security scans on your website, update your security measures and configure backups.
  • Our team will perform maintenance checks 24/7 to ensure it is running smoothly.
  • Now that we are managing your website, you can focus on your core business operations without any doubt.

We provide comprehensive web maintenance services so that you can enjoy all the functionalities of your WordPress website without any issues. Here are the steps we follow at JDM Web Technologies:

Sign up

You can sign up for our monthly support plan so that we can run checks monthly. You can also cancel the plan anytime you want, no questions asked.

Check Your Email

You will need to provide us with the login credentials in the form we sent in the email so that a dedicated maintenance engineer can take care of your site.


Once we receive the detail, we will scan the website for any irregularities by implementing certain tools dedicated to scanning.


Once we detect outdated tools, plugins, themes, we will update it so that your website remains secure with the latest technology and features.


We will provide you reports of the maintenance checks weekly or monthly, as per your preference, and let you know the steps we took to optimize your website. We will repeat this process as long as your packages last.

How website maintenance can be beneficial, and why should I hire JDM Web Technologies?

Website maintenance services provide your website with a security blanket by constantly updating your plugins, themes, backup and recovery. WordPress maintenance service providers like JDM Web Technologies provide comprehensive services within their packages that can properly maintain your website, ensure site security, etc.

Why should you choose JDM

No binding contracts

JDM does not require you to sign any contract to avail of their services. You can leave the partnership anytime you like if you are unhappy with their services.


With JDM Web Technologies, you will be not required to pay hidden charges. They provide full transparency to their cost structure, and you will know where your money is going.


JDM has handpicked experts in almost all fields of IT and web development. You can be sure of receiving top-notch services when availing services from JDM Web Technologies.

24/7 customer support

For JDM, quality work matters above everything. They are available 24/7 at their official email address, official phone number, or via chat option on their website to answer your queries, clear your doubts or help you navigate through your website.


Getting started with our JDM WordPress maintenance package is simple. Look through our packages, go through details of the services provided in each package and select the one you would like to get started with. You can always update later to a different package.

Once you sign up for our WordPress maintenance packages, you will receive an email with a form asking you to fill your website details in it. You will have to provide your WordPress website login details in the form, so that our experts can start auditing your website. JDM keeps all our client information safe and secured.

Our packages are designed to serve one website at any given time unless stated otherwise. If you want our services for multiple websites, you will have to purchase multiple packages.

After signing up, you will receive an email regarding the next steps within the next 24 hours. In this email, we will ask for your website credentials. Once you provide that, we will proceed with the next steps.

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