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“Transform Your Yoga Studio’s Online Presence with Expert Digital Marketing Services and Proven Growth Strategies” Digital marketing, without a doubt, is having an impact on businesses all over the world, dictating how you reach your customers and how your company grows over time. We realize how frightening it may be to be a beginner in the digital world, and we’ve been there too. Even if you haven’t switched your marketing operations to the digital arena yet, you may start developing meaningful online links with your community and avoid missing out on the best ongoing trends very fast with a bit of know-how. In addition to assisting you in reaching more people and attracting more customers, the trends listed above will also help you grow your business to new locations. JDM Web Technologies offers Digital Marketing Services for yoga studios that have recently launched or want to capitalize on their already well-known brand name and expand their services to other areas.

Go Live and Teach Yoga to Your Clients Online

The digital world has made it easy for yoga instructors to reach a wider customer base. So, if you think you can teach a group sitting miles away from your studio, we can help you setup your online yoga class.

Yoga Studios are now YouTube

Make a video of your yoga sessions and post it on YouTube to let the world know about your service. We’ve assisted a number of Yoga studios in launching YouTube channels. Our digital marketing professionals can assist you in editing and uploading videos with engaging descriptions. Furthermore, you may simply expand your channel if you choose to assign a resource to monitor and answer to comments. We can also help you monetise your YouTube channel by running adverts.


Yoga Instructors are teaching online from the studio

Reach a larger set of audience leveraging the power of online technology. We can help you setup an online class on your website. We are proficient in designing and developing websites and can help you organize regular yoga classes online.


Enroll new clients seamlessly online

Your client’s no longer have to visit your studio to join the class. We can help you showcase your services online and create online booking mechanism. Your new clients can register for classes online at the comfort of their home.


Stay connected with your clients on Social Media Channels

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become easy platforms to stay connected with your clients. Even when customers are not with you, they can still watch you, your services and what’s happening at your studio. Interact with your current and prospect clients and show them you are still offering amazing services.

Top Class Digital Marketing Services FOR YOUR STUDIO

JDM Web Technologies can help you establish targeted marketing strategies that will help your business rank higher in Google searches. You can choose from a selection of digital marketing packages to acquire various online promotional services that are tailored to your needs. We can assist you with defining your brand identity, planning and executing marketing initiatives, as well as promoting and managing your social media profiles. We can assist you in developing focused marketing tactics that can boost your company’s search engine rankings. You can choose from a choice of digital marketing packages to get various online promotional services geared to your specific demands. We can help you define your brand identity, plan and execute marketing efforts, and promote and manage your social media profiles, among other things.
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Maintaining a brand Image

Our services are incredibly proactive and timely. Our reputation management tactics include services such as link audits, link removal, social monitoring, promotion, and filtering unfavorable content, among others. Our employees will respond quickly to customers’ questions about your company and assist them with any concerns they may have.

Managing Social Media Accounts

We’ll assign a dedicated social media manager to your company who will maintain your accounts regularly, post frequently, and communicate with your followers. Our social media manager will be your brand’s voice on these platforms and will assist you in maintaining your public image.

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Search Engine Optimization

One of the most critical aspects of digital marketing and online advertising efforts is search engine optimization or SEO. We’ll apply SEO tactics to your company’s sites, such as your official website, social network pages, and Google My Business page, so that the relevant customers find you. Our solutions will help you to boost your web pages to develop mobile-friendly sites.

PPC advertising

We will produce ads that will appear on top search engine sites with an ‘ad’ tag, making it visible to your target market, using our PPC or pay-per-click advertising. It will entice users to investigate your organization further by clicking on your product or website link. We will design landing pages, optimize your bid numbers, and produce adverts to attract more consumers and create a sales funnel.

Advertising on Social Media

According to Statista, there will be more than 3.6 billion unique social media users in 2021, which is predicted to rise to 4.4 billion by 2025. These numbers illustrate that, when done suitable, social media advertising can produce considerably more leads than traditional advertising. We can assist you in designing and implementing social media advertising campaigns with appealing themes and visuals to attract more customers. Our social media managers will build up your accounts on several platforms to appeal to as many people as possible if you don’t already have them.

Website Development

Our web development experts will assist you in developing a business website if you do not already have one. Websites are necessary for establishing and maintaining an online presence because they lend credibility to your company and allow clients to determine its origins or contact you when they have questions or concerns. If you already have a static website, we’ll optimize the pages, photos, videos, and font size and replace any broken links to guarantee it meets SEO criteria.

Local SEO

We make extra efforts to establish and maintain a good brand identity on your behalf because local SEO is critical for spreading your business’ name in your local area. We’ll construct Google My Business pages for your company and complete it with all of the relevant information. If you already have a GMB business page, we’ll update information like your business phone number, business hours, address, and business email address so that clients can easily reach you.

Why Choose Us?


Marketing Expertise

We’ve been in the sector for a while, and we’re not only a dedicated bunch of people, but we’re also experts at what we do. For many years, we have been at the forefront of the industry, focusing on bringing our clients closer to their business objectives. We choose people not just for their digital marketing talents but also their attitude toward working independently and their creative capacity to manage enormous projects.


You will not require the services of any other organization for your digital marketing once you begin your journey with us. We have everything a yoga studio might need, whether a major corporation or a small start-up. Our services range from social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising to website development and online brand creation.

Well pleased clients

You may also check the legitimacy of our services by reading the reviews that our customers leave on our website. Our clients come from all over the world, and their businesses range from small internet shops to major physical stores, including yoga studios.
We provide world-class service to each of our yoga studio clients. As a result, we’ve hand-picked some of the best digital marketing experts in the country. They stay on top of all the newest digital marketing trends and algorithmic changes to keep your company’s website from falling behind in the rankings. We are currently one of the most important digital marketing businesses in the country, with years of experience and over 100 clients to back us up. Years of hard work have been rewarded with accolades, pushing us to provide even better service to you. We’ve won a slew of awards, including Good Firms’ Top Digital Marketing Company, Startup Ranking, Find Best SEO, and a slew of others.


It’s great that you’re doing so well in your business; however, can you guarantee that you’ll continue to do so in the following two or three years? What if another dealer in the same industry comes up with brilliant marketing strategies? Digital marketing is more than just promoting your items; it encompasses a wide range of activities. It aids in the development of credibility, the creation of marketing plans for the present and the future, and the establishment of a strong market presence for your company.

Do not worry! We have several options and plans to choose from. You can always pick the one most suitable according to your budget.

Geo targeting is possible through PPC Ads, Facebook Ads and Local SEO. Depending upon the location you want to promote, we can set our targets and help you get leads.

Yes! We have a tried and tested methodology with promote yoga studios that have multiple branches. Leveraging the power of Local SEO and location specific ads we can promote each of your yoga studio.

Ready to Grow Your Yoga Studio?

Let’s schedule a call! We must design a personalized marketing plan for your business to assist you best. We’ll assess your current efforts and discuss what you’ll need to achieve your growth objectives in this session.

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