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Whether you optimize your website to attract new customers or build your backlinks from other high-quality websites, JDM Web Technologies can help you do it all. Attracting fresh customers is imperative for thriving in today’s cut-throat market. Our customized approaches use the efficacy of local search to boost your search engine ranking so potential clients can discover you. We maximize your probability of building a more substantial online presence and reputation.

Austin Local SEO Services

Elevate Your Brand in Austin: Unleash the Power of Local SEO

Keyword Research & Strategy

We tailor your website and content to correspond with your customers’ search intent by identifying appropriate and high-volume keywords that reflect your desired demographic and location. This improves your brand’s visibility, generates targeted traffic, and increases your chances of landing local clients. You may improve your local SEO impact with organized keyword research and planning.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis could help find your top rivals while determining what they do effectively concerning local SEO. With this analysis, identifying areas where you can improve your SEO approach to rank higher in search results is more accessible. You can also determine your top competitors by researching companies with a presence in your target market.


Local SEO is a subset of SEO that concentrates on enhancing the business’s website’s presence in local search results. A broad range of factors might impact a company’s position in results for local searches. The contents and keywords of the website, NAP (name, address, and phone number) data, reviews, and Google My Business page, to name a few.

Technical SEO

Did you know that the algorithm utilized by Google favors website speed and mobile-friendliness as evaluating standards for local search? At JDM, we elevate user experience, improve search engine visibility and push the likelihood of accumulating local clients by enhancing the technical aspects of your website. Don’t disregard technical SEO’s untapped opportunities for leading your local market.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO plays a crucial role in local SEO because it supports search engines in interpreting your website’s content and identifying its relevance to local queries. You can improve your chances of ranking in local search results by refining your website’s meta descriptions, title tags, and content for the proper keywords.

Website Audit

Website audits could help recognize potential SEO issues hindering your website from appearing high in local search results. They can also help you optimize the website’s content for specific phrases and keywords that prospective consumers are inclined to search for companies identical to yours.

Earning Client Reviews

Online reviews are regarded as reliable by 88% of consumers, equally as personal recommendations. Positive reviews may make your company more visible to prospective clients looking for businesses like yours. Invite your clients to post feedback on your website and Google My Business profile to get started.

Local Business Directories/Listing

According to research, 93% of potential customers use online directories to locate local companies. We expand your online visibility, reputation, and local search ranks by ensuring consistent and up-to-date info across directories. With catered local business directories/listings, you can stand out amid rivals and entice potential clients.

Link Building

Link building has implications for local SEO because it significantly enhances the appearance of a website in search results. All strategies to implement are guest blogging, social media sharing, directory listings, and creating intriguing posts. Effective link-building optimizes local search ranks, promotes online visibility and helps organizations flourish.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile Optimization (GBPO) helps your company improve its visibility and prominence in local search results through an enhanced Google Business Profile (GBP) profile. If you optimize its listing, your company will likely appear at the top of search results. A fully optimized GBP listing can assist you in attracting more consumers by making it much easier for them to locate your company.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Austin Local SEO Services?

Navigate Austin’s Digital Maze: Stand Out with Tailored Local SEO Strategies

Why Choose JDM As Your Austin Local SEO Agency?

Results-Driven Approach: Drive Traffic, Increase Visibility, and Convert Leads in Austin



JDM Web Technologies is trained in local SEO services with over a decade of expertise. Our expertise includes the intricate details of the local SEO market and keeping up with the dynamic Google algorithm modifications. Our staff works closely with clients to produce customized solutions for their unique requirements.


Dedicated SEO Experts

Our dedicated SEO professionals are driven by their passion for helping businesses accomplish their local SEO goals. Clients can track progress and see the actual results of our efforts through regular reports and updates. We ensure optimized websites compatible with ongoing search trends by staying abreast of the latest Google algorithm updates.


Transparent Reporting

Transparency is the backbone of our strategy at JDM Web Technologies. Our SEO specialists provide routine progress updates, supplying comprehensive reports that clarify our methods and accentuate the outcomes achieved.


Honesty and Integrity

We embrace fundamental principles such as respect and transparency in client relationships. Our SEO specialists are steadfast in their pledge to integrity and ethical methodologies. We place a high value on safeguarding our clients’ confidence and tirelessly following Google’s search standards.


Extensive SEO Knowledge

With profound expertise across all facets of SEO, our team possesses comprehensive knowledge in driving online success. From meticulous on-page optimization to proficient local listings management, we excel in optimizing your Austin-based business’s online presence. We aim to maximize visibility and foster meaningful customer engagement, fueling your business growth.


Support 24×7

We understand the importance of ongoing support for your business and are dedicated to consistently providing it. You can trust our commitment to promptly address any inquiries, concerns, or technical challenges you may encounter.

The Top Local SEO Ranking Factors for Business in Austin


On-Page Signals

The crucial role of on-page optimization should be considered when it comes to accomplishing local SEO glory. Our strength is optimizing essential elements of your website, such as meta tags, headers, content, and URLs, utilizing relevant local keywords.


Behavioral Signals

Click-through rates, the length of stay on the site, and user participation may all affect local results. JDM Web Technologies places a high priority on improving user engagement website.


Review Signals

Customer reviews significantly impact local SEO and your business’s performance. Good feedback from past customers instills trust and authority in search engines and potential buyers. We can help you implement tactics that motivate pleased customers to submit reviews and manage your online reputation efficiently.



Various pertinent factors influence your local search results, including the complex connection of a user’s search history, geographical location, and individual preferences. JDM Web Technologies thrives at establishing the most suitable target audience for your website and carefully scheduling its launch to capitalize on the best opportunities.


Google Business Profile Signals

Improving your Google Business Profile is crucial to an efficient local SEO strategy. Our SEO strategies encompass accurate information, detailed classification, and intriguing images, all intending to boost your exposure in Google’s local search. We guarantee that your company draws in the interest of potential clients by boosting its exposure, leading to growth and success.

Why invest in Local SEO for your Austin Business?

  • It helps you reach people interested in your business.

    The process of harnessing the potential of local SEO is to target Austin’s potential clients who are constantly searching for suitable goods or services. You can build genuine relationships with individuals who are genuinely interested in your business by optimizing your online presence and website for local searches. This strategy emphasizes targeting the right audience and improving conversion rates and revenue potential via focused marketing efforts.

  • It helps you compete with other businesses.

    Austin has a diversified corporate landscape with constant spotlight and market share competition. Embracing Local SEO permits your company to stand out with greater efficacy. You can gain significant prominence in search results through upgrades to your website and local listings. Local SEO levels up the competition, giving smaller businesses in Austin an edge.

  • It helps you to grow your business online.

    Use clever SEO techniques that boost the visibility of your web page in local search results, bringing an influx of prospective customers. Watch your company’s exponential growth, more powerful brand awareness, and unrivaled internet presence with our local SEO services. Harness the dynamic energy of local SEO to accomplish unprecedented success in digital media.

How Does Google Decide Your Local Ranking?


Google’s local ranking algorithm considers multiple variables, including proximity. By computing the user’s location, Google determines the distance between the user and your business. They do that by using methods such as IP addresses or GPS coordinates. Along with importance, reviews, and significance in the local community, closeness to the user increases the likelihood of ranking in top local search results.


Google evaluates your local ranking based on relevancy, considering how your business matches user search terms. Complete and precise company information improves your probability of appearing high in local search results. Other factors Google considers for relevancy include keywords utilized in your company’s name, address, and phone number, your Google My Business directory, website, and online promotional materials.


Google analyzes your local ranking concerning prominence, considering the credibility of your business in the local community. When weighed against lesser-known businesses, popular attractions or recognized tourist sites are more inclined to appear in top local search results. Other variables include the volume of your company’s mentions in online directories and review sites, the number of backlinks related to your website from other sites, etc.

How Much Do Local SEO Services Cost For Businesses in Austin?

The rate of local SEO services in Austin differs based on the scope and complexity of your company and the kind of service you need. Overall, local SEO services can range from $500 and $5,000 per month. More comprehensive packages with additional features and services will, naturally, cost more. At JDM, we make it a priority to provide our services at a competitive price.

Basic Local SEO

Our Basic Local SEO package, created for small local companies, empowers you to develop an authoritative online presence and acquire local clients. Priced at $399, this package includes 20 Target Keywords, a Website Recommendation Report, and an array of critical SEO methods and optimizations.

Advanced Local SEO

With a monthly investment of $699, with our Advanced Local SEO package, you can access a carefully curated list of creative techniques to boost your online presence and broaden your local market presence. We put your Austin-based business far ahead of the competition by leveraging the influence of targeted keywords and focused optimization.

Enterprise Local SEO

Our Enterprise Local SEO bundle is a fantastic tool for owners of large companies, such as e-commerce platforms based in Austin. This plan, priced at $1,999 per month, contains strategies for optimizing your online visibility and reaching a larger market. With our tailored solutions, we can assist your business to prosper on a national scale.

JDM Local SEO Packages

Basic Local SEO

$399 /Month
  • Number of Keyphrases Optimized – 10
  • Pages Optimized Up to – 10
  • Local SEO Audit – Yes
  • Google My Business Optimization – Yes
  • Yelp Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Bing Local Business Listing – Yes – Yes
  • Yellow Pages Creation – Yes
  • Reviews Monitoring – Yes
  • Claim, Verify & Publish Top 20 Local Listings – No
  • Submission to 200+ Business Directories – No
  • Yext PowerListings Subscription – No
  • Apple Map Listing – No
  • Google My Business Weekly Post/ Add Images – Yes

Advanced Local SEO

$699 /Month
  • Number of Keyphrases Optimized 20
  • Pages Optimized Up to 20
  • Local SEO Audit – Yes
  • Google My Business Optimization – Yes
  • Yelp Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Bing Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Yellow Pages Creation – Yes
  • Reviews Monitoring – Yes
  • Claim, Verify & Publish Top 20 Local Listings – Yes
  • Submission to 200+ Business Directories – Yes
  • Yext PowerListings Subscription – No
  • Apple Map Listing – No
  • Google My Business Weekly Post/ Add Images – Yes

Enterprise Local SEO

$1,499 /Month
  • Number of Keyphrases Optimized 50 – Yes
  • Pages Optimized Up to 50 – Yes
  • Local SEO Audit – Yes
  • Google My Business Optimization – Yes
  • Yelp Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Bing Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Yellow Pages Creation – Yes
  • Reviews Monitoring – Yes
  • Claim, Verify & Publish Top 20 Local Listings – Yes
  • Submission to 200+ Business Directories – Yes
  • Yext PowerListings Subscription – Yes
  • Apple Map Listing – Yes
  • Google My Business Weekly Post/ Add Images – Yes

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