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With Google Algorithms getting upgraded continually, SEO has truly become a strategic game these days. Our Baltimore SEO Company have got the expertise and years of experience to equip your website with the latest SEO techniques to win the game. An innovative approach and implementation of the right SEO strategies are two key pillars of any successful SEO campaign, and those are the areas we excel at.

Baltimore SEO services

We’ve got the finest combination of SEO experts, analysts, and strategists, meaning we got you covered

Keyword Research & Strategy

It’s a must to find the right keywords and incorporate them into various components of your site to make it appear in relevant searches. At this stage, we employ advanced keyword research tools to identify both short- and long-tail keywords relevant to your products/services and industry and devise a keyword strategy to improve your site’s SEO performance.

Competitive Analysis

Our SEO competitor analysis involves discovering how your competitors are using various SEO elements such as keywords, content, links, and more to achieve higher SERP rankings than you. Once we find their most successful strategies and elements, we apply them to your site to make it rank higher than your competitors.

SEO Audit

We perform a thorough SEO audit of your site to assess the factors that impact its ability to rank in SERPs. Our Baltimore SEO experts will take a detailed look at the on-page, off-page, and technical SEO elements that together determine the overall SEO performance of your site. We’ll then suggest you the areas that need to be improved to help it get higher SERP rankings.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO stands for optimizing your web pages using the keywords we identified during keyword research. Our Baltimore SEO professionals will ensure that all your on-site SEO factors are optimized in such a way that it helps both humans and web crawlers understand your web content clearly. This’ll help your site provide a better user experience and achieve higher SERP rankings.

Local SEO

Our Baltimore SEO professionals will optimize your site to help it get better online visibility in local searches. They’ll also optimize your Google Business Profile (to help your site feature in Google’s Local Pack), build citations, and focus on local link building to improve your site’s rankings in local searches and help it attract more local traffic.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO involves all the SEO activities that our SEO experts will perform outside your website to help it obtain higher SERP rankings. Unlike most other SEO companies that only perform link-building, we follow a comprehensive off-site SEO strategy. Apart from link-building, this includes brand building (using different channels) and listing in directories.

Technical SEO

Our Baltimore SEO experts will ensure that your site fulfills all the technical requirements of the search engines to help it achieve higher organic rankings. Apart from making your site mobile-friendly, fast, and secure, we’ll also consider site architecture, XML sitemaps, structured data, URL structure, duplicate content, canonical tags, 301 redirect, 404 pages, and more.

Guest Posting

While successful guest posting has become more difficult than ever, it’s still a very effective SEO strategy that can help your site achieve higher SERP rankings. Our SEO professionals focus on relevant, strategic, and quality guest posting to increase your site’s domain authority, which eventually leads to more organic traffic.

Link Building

At this stage of our Baltimore Link Building Services, we implement a broad range of techniques to get high-quality links from other topically relevant websites to your site. When your web pages contain lots of high-quality links from authoritative sites, search engines consider those pages very informative and rank them higher in the SERPs.

eCommerce SEO

Our Baltimore eCommerce SEO services are designed to improve the visibility of your e-commerce store on the SERPs. Our SEO experts will focus on ranking your product pages higher to get them more traffic, and in turn, more sales. In addition to the fundamental SEO tactics, our eCommerce SEO services include strategies that are specific to e-commerce stores.

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Why Join Hands with JDM as Your Baltimore SEO Agency

At JDM, our only goal is to improve your site’s SEO performance through white-hat SEO techniques.


Decades of Experience

Together, our Baltimore SEO experts bring decades of experience in working with industry leaders across the globe. Irrespective of how small or large your venture is or how complex your SEO goals are, you can stay assured that your site is in the hands of professionals who’ve efficiently handled this before.


Performance-Driven SEO Experts

We aren’t the type of SEO agency that guarantees SEO results or lots of vanity metrics, but we do ensure that our team of SEO professionals is the best of breed. Their SEO skills, knowledge, and single-minded focus will equip your business for achieving the goals you’ve been dreaming of.


Customized Approach

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. SEO strategies need to be tweaked according to your business and the current performance of your site. That’s why we devise a customized SEO strategy depending on your SEO goals to provide you with the best results for your money within a reasonable period of time.



We know that we’ll get access to some highly confidential aspects of your company when working on your SEO campaign. That’s the reason we always make it a point not to work with one of your direct competitors simultaneously. If we see even a remote probability of a potential conflict, we’ll discuss it with you before proceeding ahead.


Detailed SEO Reporting

We understand that your biggest fear is paying an SEO agency and not staying updated on what the team is (or isn’t) doing. That’s why we prepare a monthly report detailing what we are doing for your business. The report will also mention how various SEO elements are performing toward achieving your goals.


Transparent Pricing

We hate giving surprises in terms of pricing at the end of your SEO campaign. That’s why our site prominently displays the packages that you can choose from. If we think some more services are required to be carried out, we’ll call and ask for your approval well in advance.

Why Invest In SEO for Your Baltimore Business

  • It Helps You Get Quality Traffic

    There’s no point in getting tons of traffic if the visitors aren’t at all interested in your products/services or industry. Search engines want to match prospective customers with relevant businesses, and our Baltimore SEO services help make this happen. When your business appears before the right people, it maximizes your chances of converting them into leads.

  • Better User Experience

    SEO is about maintaining a balance between optimizing your site for users and search engines. If your site is easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, and quick-to-load, it’ll offer a positive user experience. And positive user experience not only increases your chances of converting the visitors but helps to improve your site’s SERP rankings as well.

  • Long-Term Return on Investment

    You can always depend on paid search and enjoy healthy returns, but whenever you stop paying, the campaigns will stop right there. And that’s perhaps the biggest reason you need to invest in Baltimore SEO services. With our SEO experts by your side, you can continue enjoying a good ROI for the long term.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay For SEO Services for Your Business in Baltimore?

The cost of SEO services depends on a number of factors, including your SEO goals, the complexity and scope of your campaign, and the SEO company you team up with. The hourly rate for Baltimore SEO services generally range from $100 to $199. If you wish to hire an SEO company for the long-term, the cost may go up to $10,000/month.

Basic Packages

You should choose our basic SEO package when your main goal is to rank locally. The services you’ll get typically include keyword research, a standard amount of on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO, internal link building, off-site link building, local SEO management, a certain amount of content editing and optimization, and monthly custom report.

Advanced Packages

These packages are ideal for medium-sized businesses that offer services or manufacture products and want to attract customers/clients from across the country. As part of our advanced SEO packages, you’ll get competitive analysis, advanced on-site, off-site, and technical optimization together with a good amount of content generation, editing, and optimization.

Enterprise Packages

If you’re an e-commerce business or a large organization, our enterprise SEO packages will serve you well. Under one of these packages, you’ll get all the features of our advanced packages. Additionally, we’ll provide PR-style link building, press release management, development of linkable content, duplicate content strategy, AB/variation testing, and monthly personalized review call.

JDM SEO Packages & Prices

Basic Packages

$399 /Month
  • Target Keywords 20
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Website Recommendation Report
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Google My Business Listing Optimization
  • Content Creation- 3000 Words
  • Off-Site Link Building
  • Keywords ranking Report
  • Backlinks Report
Payment Method

Advanced Packages

$699 /Month
  • Target Keywords 40
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Website Recommendation Report
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Google My Business Listing Optimization
  • Content Creation- 6000 Words
  • Off-Site Link Building
  • Keywords ranking Report
  • Backlinks Report
Payment Method

Enterprise Packages

$1,999 /Month
  • Target Keywords 100
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Website Recommendation Report
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Google My Business Listing Optimization
  • Content Creation- 10000 Words
  • Off-Site Link Building
  • Keywords ranking Report
  • Backlinks Report
Payment Method

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