Building Trustworthy Content in 2024 with E-A-T and SEO

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are terms for E-A-T. It can significantly benefit Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is among the factors that Google uses to make rules for judging the quality of searches.

Search ranking factors like those in Google and E-A-T are used by experts who look at web pages to see how useful they are. Google uses machine learning to train its algorithms and then changes the page quality ratings to reflect this. Metrics are changed when the site is not online, and content quality is judged by manual reviewers who compare it to what is online.

Focusing on authoritativeness, expertise, and trustworthiness is one way Google tries to make web content better for people who use it. This not only puts an end to people who are making spam content, but E-A-T also rewards sites whose content fits the definition of “high-quality.”

Google can also rank the right web pages, and people get search results that answer their questions and show what they should find when they search. E-A-T is not just one update to Google’s search quality algorithm, even though it is always making small changes. As the process is always getting better, a page’s quality rating stays the same. Every site on the internet is affected by this ranking factor. Even businesses change their pages to offer better information.

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What does SEO Authority mean?

Google checks to see if people who work in SEO think highly of certain websites. So, authors are also respected for what they write and how they feel about it. Making sure that the main, high-quality content on a web page is related to the site and fits with its purpose can help it become more authoritative on the subject. Just as important as off-page SEO is on-page SEO. An author can do off-page SEO by building backlinks.

A piece of writing that has an author listed or that person has written before is likely to do well in search results. Google trusts a site more when it has a lot of citations from trustworthy sources. There should be links between organizations and well-known publications. If the author’s opinion is used elsewhere, it makes people more likely to trust them.

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What is SEO Trust?

You will not find Google sending people to a site that will scam them. That is why page quality rating is so important to search quality. Google works hard to make sure that all of its search results are authoritative, knowledgeable, and reliable so that they meet the needs of its users. Add anything that makes people more confident in your website and lessens their doubts.

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What does SEO Reputation mean?

A brand’s reputation is important for getting good scores. Both people who rate quality and people who make content take this very seriously. Checking for mentions and reviews in other parts of the internet is more than just a normal search. These quality rater guidelines are helpful for creators.

If their work is mentioned positively somewhere else, Google will give more weight to the main content strategy they have come up with for sites.

Impact of E-A-T on SERPs

E-A-T makes sure that websites and content are expert-written, reliable, and backed by evidence. Human quality raters suggest changes that could be made to this algorithm. They look at many sites and rate them based on Google’s quality rating rules.

Their reviews are linked to SERPs (search engine result pages), so important content appears higher even though they cannot directly change how top content ranks. Based on this feedback, Google makes a lot of core changes. The YMYL (your money or your life) pages get extra attention.

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What’s YMYL?

There are websites called “Your Money Or Your Life” (YMYL) that can hurt people’s health, happiness, financial security, and safety if they are not knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy.

A lot of YMYL websites have a big section that has things like this.

  1. Websites that let you buy things, pay bills, and send money to other people.
  2. Any website that posts medical updates can give you medical advice and details about illnesses.
  3. A website gives legal advice, such as how to get money, make a will, and find out about child custody.
  4. Blogs and newspapers are examples of web pages that add to people’s knowledge.
  5. Any website can help you save money or make investments by giving you good financial advice.

That being said, this list is not complete. You can find political content, safety tips for cars, and important schedule information on the YMYL site.

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What do trust signals mean?

Search engines cannot always be sure that information is useful, so they look at users and groups that say the information they include is true. Links from trustworthy websites make the information on your page better, and having other trustworthy websites talk about your site for different reasons, especially ones that could boost Google’s trust, is the same thing.

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How to Get Better at E-A-T?

There are several steps you can follow.

  1. Making more links: A site can improve its E-A-T by getting more links and mentions on other trustworthy websites. Google also knows a lot about which linkbacks are important, so a page should put higher-quality links ahead of lower-quality ones.
  2. Update Content for Value: It is important to regularly update YMYL topics like medical or financial advice to keep a high E-A-T score. Also, information should only come from sources that one can trust and check. Professional writers should cover topics, and their work should be edited, updated, and reviewed regularly.

QGRs do not usually talk about non-YMYL topics, but one should still keep their page up to date to make sure readers are happy.

  1. Verifying the facts: Google says that for a page to get a high score, its content must be factually correct. This becomes very important for scientific study. Putting a link to the source of the information can help make content seem more trustworthy.
  2. Putting up credentials: If one has degrees or has spoken at a lot of conferences, include the information in the “About Us” or “Bio” section of the website. Some people choose to use schema markup to make this information look better.
  3. Bringing in experts: There are experts in every field, and it is best to hire them, especially if you write about YMYL topics. It is not as important to hire experts for things that are not YMYL. Instead, choose those who have great track records or a reputation for writing great content. If you are well-known in your field, it can be easier to build your reputation, and it can also become an important part of your content and traffic strategy. One can hire a professional in several ways if they cannot do it themselves.
  4. Finding More Reviews: Reviews of one’s page on other websites are helpful because they show that people trust and believe in you. It is best to keep the content up to date and try to get good reviews from everyone. Try to rank highly on webpage users follow in the industry.
  5. Giving out contact information: Businesses must give customers enough ways to get in touch with them and help so they do not look unreliable. YMYL pages need to pay extra attention to this. Google likes websites that have a lot of different ways to contact them, like email addresses, phone numbers, and so on.
  6. Achieving More Mentions: Customers trust a website that has been mentioned more when they are looking for something. Additionally, Google notices this and gives them a higher rank.

Raters look at this when they decide how good someone’s reputation is. Getting mentioned in SEO journals, for instance, shows that one knows a lot about that subject. Since one needs to be seen as somewhat authoritative before one can get mentions, it is best to offer unique data and insights for references.

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Things that make pages of high-quality

If one writes a page well, it should have qualities like being very trustworthy. The titles of the main content should be helpful, and the content itself should be useful. Also, there needs to be enough information about the website. People who search must know how well-known it is.


One must follow these tips so that their SEO sites keep getting better. One can hire experts, care about customers, and have morals. One could also show Google their values. It is easy to improve SEO, but it takes time and work. Even if one does all of these things, their search rankings might not go up. One should not give up because Google will rank sites that have more authoritative pages or a better reputation. Getting better at what one does will give them an edge, but one needs to stay up to date on changes to the rules all the time.

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