Search Engine Result Page (SERP): Why It Is Important To SEO

Internet marketing is one of the recent buzzwords in the marketing platform. Unlike traditional advertisement, internet marketing helps the business achieve its goals, such as reaching the targeted audiences shortly.

SERP and SEO play a vital role in online marketing. SERP is nothing but the page generated by the search engine in response to the user query or search. It displays the list of the websites or results relevant to the user’s search.

In other words, SERPs are the pages, which Google and other major search engines showcase in response to the user’s search. They are usually consists of paid and organic search results. To rank higher on SERP, SEO helps a lot.

Over 90% of consumers’ traffic goes to the site, which ranks on the first page of the search engine search results. When your site is not there, you will not reach the potential audiences easily. The use of the right SEO strategies helps you boost your ranking. Here, you will get to know about SERP and how it matters SEO.

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Understand About Search Engine Result Pages


Whenever people want an answer or solution, they will reach the search engine and search their query. Among too much readily available information, they will obtain the most appropriate one as per their requests in a second. But, keeping your content stay out from the crowd is quite challenging. But, the content available at the top position often gets the best traffic.

This is where SERP plays a crucial role. It does many favors to your business, but you have to thank SEO and other technical facets. Remember that SEO is not the magical formula, which lets you manipulate the system and boost your result on SERPs.

Search engine optimization is the set of best practices, which involves understanding how search engines qualify and quantify the search results according to the searcher’s query.

For instance, if you ask the search engine “what is the best shoe”. The result page is the perfect example of the SERP. On this page, you will find a host of information that answers your question. In addition, you will get further information, including images of shows and blogs about the topic.

In general, the demonstrated authority on the website, matched keywords, and various KPIs (key performance indicators) plays a vital role in determining the SERP.

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Various Types of The Search Queries

The SERP features, which displayed after the search based on the type of the search query you have entered. Search queries often fall into one of these categories: transactional, informational, and navigational.

Search Queries

Navigational Queries

Navigational queries occur whenever someone is searching for a specific site but does not enter the full URL of the website. If not the searcher is particularly looking for you, it is tough to reach the first page of these results.

You should consider purchasing ads for the keyword you wish to rank for. It is especially true if you want to take the benefit of the navigational queries for your website.

Informational Queries

Whenever a person wants to learn something, they make the informational query. Keep in mind that the searcher never looks at the site to make a purchase. However, the right content drives them to a specific brand.

Due to this, it is mandatory to develop relevant content that caters to the targeted audiences’ requirements and interests. You can even add multimedia content to the site to generate organic traffic from the information queries.

Transactional Queries

People often make transactional queries while they are thinking of purchasing something, such as buying a specific product from a broad category. These queries have the major revenue potential, and thus keywords tend to have more bids for the PPC spots. Paid ads are the most popular among businesses because they are highly effective..

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Major Features of the SERP

Features SERP

Today’s SERP is extremely visually varied than before. The generic search result often displays the website name and metadata, and the searches can even return images, information cards, or shopping suggestions. Every feature fits into one of these categories.

  1. The knowledge graph features appear in the box or panel on the search engine result page. It is usually on the right-hand side.
  2. You can purchase the paid results by bidding on the appropriate keywords. The paid results will also include the label at the top to indicate that the result is an ad.
  3. The universal results are the special results, which are displayed alongside the organic ones.
  4. Rich snippets add extra visuals to the result, such as photos in the news results and stars in the product reviews.

Apart from these, you will also find other features such as Google Ads, image pack, knowledge card, in-depth articles, news box, local teaser pack, etc.

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Why is SERP More Important to SEO?


SERPs are the pages search engines display in response to the user’s queries. When your company features at the top of SERPs, you will get a huge win for your SEO efforts, and it helps maximize your website visibility and enhances the ranking.

So, you will obtain higher returns on your investment in the online marketing campaign. Here are the major reasons for SERPs being considered important to SEO.

Maximizes Traffic

The vital reason SERPs are crucial to SEO is that it increases website traffic. Even though it is challenging to appear on Google’s SERP, the robust SEO strategy helps you reach that level, and it yields more results in terms of website visibility.

The more people see your content, the more traffic your site gets. Keep in mind that you can utilize advertising to maximize your visibility on SERPs via ads, Google ads, and pay-per-click results.

Even though SEO delivers the organic traffic free of cost, the strategy may cost some money initially.

Enhances Crawling

Search engines usually have bots known crawlers, which visit websites often to check their content. Whenever you query Google with the search term, the search engine’s algorithm will gather your intent and return the results, which match your query.

If you have top-quality content appropriate to your audience, crawlers rank your website higher for those items. Over time, it maximizes your site traffic. Thus, SERPs are incredibly vital to SEO.

Improves user contact points

SERPs have multiple elements, which serve as the contact points with the users. It includes local packs, featured snippets, organic results, and knowledge graphs.

All these features let you maximize engagement with the audiences when you know how to access them efficiently.

Develops Credibility

One of the best ways to prove your expertise in the market is to appear on the first page of the SERPs. Once you rank higher on SERPs, visitors will trust your content subconsciously, and it is because they start to assume you should do something right to reach the high ranking.

Creating good and high-quality content is vital for achieving authority because it answers users’ questions about the specific topic.

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How do SERPs affect SEO hugely?

SERPs render your business an arena to compete with other sites to obtain the most traffic by ranking higher. Like choosing the right physical location, performing proper SEO render your business a great competitive edge.

Leveraging this arena will assist you in attracting more prospects and audiences to your sites. Here is how the SERPs influence SEO.

  1. Boosts the click-through rate with the tiles and descriptions that ensure success on SERP.
  2. Maximizes brand awareness with identifiable URLs. So, ensure you opt for the straightforward and informative URL.
  3. Register for Google My Business to promote your online presence and gain local business. It helps you to reach the targeted audiences shortly.

The more you understand about SEO and SERP, will help you strategic your website design and content. Try to stay updated with the search engine policies and algorithms because it is vital to keep your site in shape and obtain a higher rank.

If you want to win and secure a position in this competitive market, you should use different SEO strategies to optimize the site performance. Thus, your site will feature on the first SERP.

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How to Check The SERP Results Instantly

Are you giving importance to your site to rank higher on the SERPs to improve clicks? It is necessary to monitor your performance to check whether you get the potential result for your effort.

It also helps you understand how your page ranks compared to the competitors in the market. One of the best ways to check the SERP result quickly is to access the SEO tool. In the market, you have tons of tools and pick the right one as per your needs.

It helps you to gain more insight into how your content performs within the SERPs. Once you enter into the popular SEO tool, add the search query you targeted and analyze the results. In many cases, the tools provide the SERP analysis of the top 10 results.

It helps you to see the result pages in real-time and decides how your site is located so far. Keep in mind that it is hard to reach the top position on the very first attempt. So, put your effort and check the result often to know what to do further.

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Potential Methods to Improve SERPs Ranking

SERPs Ranking

Improving your site position on the SERP is the ultimate way to assist your brand gain more visibility. As long as you secure the top three positions in the SERPs ranking, your site will reach the targeted audiences easily. In addition, you will start to get more leads and earn a big profit.

Different tactics are there to enhance SERPs ranking, but it falls under these two strategies – organic search results and paid search results. Look at below to know about these strategies in-depth.

Paid Ads

The paid ads are the most straightforward and effective way to spot on the SERPs. It is often referred to as PPC (pay per click) ads. Currently, many businesses access this ad by bidding a specific amount of money, which they will charge every time users click on the ad.

For business, PPC ads do many good things, such as gaining visibility on queries. It also helps you overcome all the obstacles in the competitive market and reach the first page of the SERPs.

If you decide to build a PPC campaign for your site, you should follow certain practices such as choosing the right keywords, defining the parameters you wish your ad to display, and tracking the campaign.

Enhance Organic Results

The major drawback of paid ads is that they can turn off the customers as you are paying for the space. As long as you need an authentic result, you have to focus on enhancing your organic listings.

Develop the right organic SEO strategy to assist your pages in improving on the SERPs. Are you thinking about how to improve these results? You have to research and choose the keywords that users are interested in and make sure the content is comprehensive.

In addition, search for opportunities to generate backlinks and optimize on-page SEO. You should prioritize the local search and optimize the content for rich and competitive results.

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