How Much Does SEO Cost in 2023?

Do you need to drive more traffic to your website? Are you looking for the best solution to reach targeted customers? Well, search engine optimization is the best option. SEO is an effective way to connect your brand to an extensive range of customers and increase sales. Now, more than ninety percent of customer interactions begin with search engine queries. As a business owner, you should consider the cost of SEO services before hiring them for your business.

JDM Web Technologies is one of the leading digital marketing companies. We offer a budget-friendly SEO package to all sizes of businesses. Our expert aids to obtain more traffic on the site in a short time. The main aim of the search engine campaign is to get organic traffic. The professionals work with the client to create an effective SEO campaign for their business.

Are you wondering how much does search engine optimization costs accurately? Well, the SEO cost can vary based on the SEO package you have chosen. Pricing of the SEO package is different according to various factors like projection for business growth, services required, how much content is needed, and others. Our experts speak with the client and create the custom SEO package as per their choice. Here you can get an idea about the SEO cost.

Our SEO Packages Models

SEO Packages Models

SEO and digital marketing company offer lots of services to the customer. Through content creation, keyword research, and link building, our experts optimize the website rank on the search engine result page and increase organic traffic. Before finalizing the SEO service, you must double-check all packages and look out what is included in every package. It will help you to pick a worthwhile SEO package for your business. Here are our SEO packages:

Basic package: The cost of the basic package is $399 per month. The business owners may see a monthly rate charged for search engine optimization work. The fee is based on how much keyword and content you need per month.

Advanced package: Advanced SEO package is suitable for business that needs to boost traffic. The business owner starts by discussing the SEO needs before creating the SEO campaign. The average cost for an advanced SEO package is $699 per month. Our service includes keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, website recommendation report, content creation, and monthly report.

Enterprise package: The Enterprise SEO package includes specific services that help small businesses stand out in the crowd. Our service includes keyword research, content writing, Analytical setup, technical audits, link building, ongoing SEO, Google my business listing optimization, and monthly reports. We also enable the client to develop a personalized plan at the best price. The cost of an enterprise SEO Page is $1999 per month, but the limit of the target keywords is 100.

All these SEO packages include different services such as on-page optimization, content marketing, keyword research, off-page optimization, and much more. You can join your hands with a professional SEO firm and stay away from tension. Our teams are filled with talented and trained SEO experts. So we never outsource any project to other companies. With our firm’s experienced experts, we will deliver the top-notch SEO package timely manner.

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What Factors Affect The Cost Of The SEO Package?

Factors of SEO COST

You should provide essential information about your business to estimate the SEO package cost. It will aid our team to determine what type of content is required, how much work will need, during the project, and other aspects. The followings are some aspects that affect the pricing of SEO packages:

  1. What kinds of content required
  1. Average Revenue
  1. Campaign goals
  1. Close rate of leads to sales
  1. Budget
  1. The current situation of search presence
  1. How fast you desire to see the result

The cost of an SEO Package can differ from one business to another according to their goal. You don’t need any agreement to get our search engine optimization package. You can pay a monthly fee depending on the package you have chosen.

Are you confused about which SEO package would best suit your need? Well, the truth is choosing a good SEO package can sometimes get tricky. More so if you are new to the SEO strategy scene.

Various factors could make one SEO package better or worse than the other. It also mostly depends on your business and what service you would require. While the price plays a huge role in choosing a package, you should also lookout for the services it provides.

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The Reason Why Small Businesses Pay For SEO Service

small businesses pay for seo

If you decide how much you spend on marketing your brand, you can choose the best SEO services. Without the SEO service, it isn’t easy to increase the website rank in the search engine. Hiring our experts to handle SEO for the business website can save you more cash and time. The followings are some reasons to choose the SEO service:

  1. Leaving the SEO task to the professionals is the best way to allow your employees to focus on other things. You don’t try to attempt both things at once that affect the profit of the business.
  2. When you work with our team, you can save time because the professional team will handle all tasks in the campaign. SEO is not something that the business owner performs once and grabs huge benefits everlastingly. You need to update new content on your website that makes changes constantly. Our experts create attractive content for your site.
  3. Search engine optimization best practices change constantly, and Google has algorithms change at all times. So it is essential to try to keep up with the latest tactics to stand out in the crowd. Our expert stays updated with modern technology to provide the most excellent service to the customer.

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Critical Components of Search Engine Optimization

Components Of SEO

SEO involves many tasks such as analysis, on-page optimization, structured data makeup, content marketing, off-page optimization, monthly report, etc. For this reason, you can hire a certified SEO service. Our professionals follow the modern SEO strategy to increase the website rank and traffic.

Before creating the marketing campaign, our team considers whether the business is local, e-commerce, and global. Then, if you need to see the result of our SEO package, you need to wait for six months. After that, it will enable you to see the excellent result that you don’t get without the SEO service.

Background Research: Our expert will audit your website, review your business and how you are managing the site. Background research helps our experts to create the best campaign to increase the website rank in the search engine. It includes collecting feedback from the customer to find out what they need from you.

Keyword Research: Keyword plays a vital role in the content. However, it is hard to add the correct keyword for your organization. You should find out the competitor and check what keywords are increasing the traffic to their web pages. Our experts use tools to find the best keywords to drive more traffic.

On-site Optimization: Our team researched to optimize the website structure through on-page optimization. It helps you to boost traffic to your site by ranking higher position on the search engine. We offer lots of on-page optimization services like internal links, keeping URLs short, better Meta descriptions, and more.

Content Marketing: The website requires lots of quality content to satisfy the Search Engine algorithms. Therefore, you need to update new and unique content on your website to generate a higher ranking. Our expert helps the business owner to develop result-oriented SEO strategies. We offer numerous services like article writing, blog writing, PDF creation, PPT creation, and others.

Off-page Optimization: The business owner must optimize the website on-page and off-page to appear on the top of the search engine result page. Our Off-page optimization service includes building local citations, social bookmarking, business listing, blog submission, link building, content marketing, and others.

Monthly Report: We will send the monthly reports to our clients to see the progress of their website. In addition, our experts create before and after reports to show the increased search engine ranking and number of customers.

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How We Differ From Other SEO Firms

JDM Web Technologies has multiple SEO teams to provide the best service. Our experts deal with all kinds of problems in the project. In addition, we will deliver the project on time without any error. Let’s see why we differ from other SEO service providers in the region.

  1. We have verified a track record of successfully offering search engine optimization services to different businesses in the market.
  2. We use the latest technology to create a top-notch SEO campaign that helps your business to increase traffic.
  3. Our experts are available to clear the doubt regarding the SEO package, so you can call our professional at any time you desire.
  4. We offer a customized SEO package with lots of services. So you can see the desired result in a small period.
  5. We develop quality content and relevant backlink, which increase the traffic organically. In addition, our search engine optimization practice offers long-term results to the client.

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Make Your Business More Visible Online With SEO Services

Visible Online With SEO

Today, SEO is a valuable digital marketing strategy for attracting more customers to your website. A website is worthless without traffic, so if you need help creating the best SEO campaign to drive traffic, JDM Web Technologies is the best choice. We have experts who are skilled at how to create a successful SEO marketing campaign that takes your business to the next level.

Our SEO services are developed for all kinds of business such as SEO audit, Local SEO, e-commerce SEO, link building, guest post, and more. We offer affordable SEO solutions to suit everyone’s budget that impacts the website ranking. If you need to generate more revenue, then you can speak with our specialist via phone at +91- 9871530322. Our experts understand your needs and create the best SEO campaign to increase the online presence of your business.

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Head Of Marketing At JDM Web Technologies

The Naveen Kumar, Head of Marketing at JDM Web Technologies, is known for being the Woorank Digital Marketing Expert, Google Analytics Certified, Google Ads Certified, and Bing Ads Accredited. With his vast knowledge and 11 years of experience in delivering results, he has developed a core team that consists of professional and experienced personnel who can provide satisfactory services to all clients. As a result, today, JDM Web Technologies is known for being the best SEO Company, and one can get all kinds of Digital Marketing Services, including SEO, SMO, PPC, Local SEO, Website Design & Development, and ORM, under one roof.

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