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Digital marketing, with no doubt, is transforming businesses worldwide, determining how you reach your customers and your business’ growth. If you have not shifted your marketing operations to the digital space in this internet age, you are missing out on some of the best ongoing trends. The said trends have the potential to reach more people and bring in more customers, but they will also help you expand your businesses to more locations.

If you wonder why online marketing is a requirement in the current business scenario, here is an interesting fact – 76% of consumers who buy something offline or online prefer to research the company online before visiting a physical store, showed a study conducted by Visual Objects. Also, 45% of consumers often visit a store that they have found through local search, making your company’s online presence a necessity instead of a luxury.

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    Why choose us?

    So far, JDM Web Technologies has helped hundreds of dealers and distributors to achieve their business goal with our impeccable digital marketing services. As a dealer or distributor, you can’t focus on your business operations and marketing front simultaneously. So, we create online marketing solutions covering all the significant aspects of online marketing to help your business grow at twice a rate without worrying about changing trends.

    We understand how important your business is for you, so we have dedicated online promotion teams who will help you integrate the latest marketing tools and technologies while still keeping in mind your core business values. With our tailored digital marketing solutions, we help your business reach the right people at the right time, providing you with a leeway to maximize your results and earn more leads and sales than it ever did before.

    Even though many dealers and distributors already have a solid customer base for their business because of the big company name attached to it, you can never have enough customers. We at JDM Web Technologies provide 360° online marketing solutions for dealers and distributors to leverage on their already popular brand name and further their services to neighboring locations.

    Who are we?

    We are a team of digital marketers and content writing experts with an aim to transform businesses and help them create an online identity to compete with big enterprises. We have handpicked our team members solely because of their expertise in certain subjects and with years of collective experience behind them. We stay on top of changing trends to predict the next trends in the market and create content and online marketing strategies to conform to those trends, helping you stay two steps ahead.

    Digital marketing is much more than just posting advertisements online; you will need to have a well-prepared strategy, SEO implementation, advertising, etc., to make your marketing strategy successful. Therefore, we help you create strategies to bring in more leads, retain your customers and turn your regular online visitors into long-term customers.

    Digital Marketing Solutions To Improve the Way Your Business Behaves

    For dealers and distributors, making profits from an existing customer base is not an issue; however, the plan you should focus on is attracting new customers and expanding your business further. Our online marketing packages for dealers and distributors are divided into several categories. You can choose depending on your budget, your marketing requirements, and how quickly you want to see the results.

    Whether you are a small distributor just starting your business journey or an established looking to diversify, we can assure you that you will find a marketing package that fits your bill. With JDM’s digital marketing solutions, you will be receiving a surge in your customer base in no time. As a 360° digital marketing solutions for dealers and distributors, here are the solutions we provide:

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most vital elements of digital marketing and online advertisement campaigns. We will implement SEO strategies to your business pages like your official website, social media pages, and Google My Business page so that your business reaches the right customer demographics. From improving your website loading time or optimizing web pages to create mobile-friendly sites, our solutions will help you outrank your competitors.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is vital to spread your business’ name in your local area, and so we take extra effort to create and maintain a solid business identity on behalf of you. We will create Google My Business pages and include all the necessary details about your business. If you already have a business page on GMB, we will update the details like your business phone number, business hours, address, and your business email ID, so that customers can contact you without any issue.

    Social Media Advertising

    According to a study conducted by Statista, in 2020, there will be more than 3.6 billion unique social media users, and it is expected to grow to 4.4 billion by 2025. These figures show that social media advertising, when done correctly, can generate far more leads than any traditional advertising ever would. We help you design and create social media advertising campaigns with attractive themes and aesthetics to attract more customers. If you do not already have social media accounts, our social media managers will set up your accounts on multiple platforms to appeal to as many people as possible.

    Website Design and Development

    We are a team of expert website designers and developers that have helped businesses achieve their goals in a short period of time. We can handle all your business needs when building your website from scratch and will incorporate your unique style and ideas to ensure that the website reflects your brand identity. We build custom websites tailored to the requirements of all our clients so that they can outpace their competitors from the first day of launching. As a leading website designer and developer, we will also optimize your website so that web crawlers will find it eligible to rank on the first page of Google search results.

    PPC advertising

    With our PPC or pay-per-click advertising, we will create ads that will appear on top search engine pages with an ‘ad’ tag, making it visible to your target market. It will compel users to click on your product or website link and research more about your company. We will create landing pages, optimize your bid amounts, and create ads to attract more buyers while effectively creating a sales funnel.

    Online Reputation Management

    The benefits and drawbacks of having an online presence are two sides of the same coin. You will encounter occasions when you will have to deal with negative attitudes from your customers, even if you are enjoying the perks of being well-known on the internet. Our online reputation management (ORM) experts maintain a close eye on our digital profiles and respond to comments and reviews as needed.

    Who can avail of our services?


    If you are dealers and distributors for a particular brand in your area, who have no idea how to promote your business to the local population, we will be able to help you with it. We will create websites, social media pages and implement other marketing strategies targeting the right demographics of customers. Our online marketing techniques will not only strengthen your brand’s identity but also reach potential customers who had no idea such services or products were available in your area.


    If you are an already existing business planning to transition into the digital space, we have the ideal package for you. We will look at your current traditional marketing plan and suggest all the changes or upgrades you need to carry out. Once you are happy with the blueprint of the enhancements that will help your business grow, we will create a digital wireframe to give you an idea of what our digital marketing campaigns will look like.


    Once you give us the go-ahead, we will assign a digital marketing team to your business to work with you to help you market your business in the digital space. No matter what your business size is, we can assure you that we have online marketing packages for everyone. We customize our services tailored to your business because we know that what might work for another dealer might not work for you.

    Why do businesses choose us?

    As mentioned above, JDM Web Technologies has already worked with hundreds of businesses of all kinds and sizes. We also have many returning clients, claiming that they haven’t found any other agency as trustworthy as us. Here are a few of the reasons why we believe businesses choose and stay with us:


    360° digital marketing solutions

    We are a one-stop digital marketing agency for all your dealers’ and distributors’ marketing needs. We provide complete 360° digital marketing solutions so that you do not have to look for each service at several other places. Also, providing as many services as possible under one roof helps us create a full-proof strategy and cuts down your cost by thousands.


    Full transparency

    We will keep you updated with all the plans we come up with. We offer complete transparency of all our services to ensure that you know we are putting your money to good use. We regularly keep you updated, giving access to your in-house marketing team so that they follow along with all the optimizations we implement and every step we take. We are always upfront about your pain point and give you solutions on how you can overcome them to make the best decisions.


    No binding contract

    Collaborating with us does not necessarily mean you will have to sign any contract for a specific time. We don’t believe in keeping you attached to us when you don’t require our services. So, when you choose us, you will not be required to sign any contract, and you are free to leave whenever you feel like it. You can also upgrade your packages as per your requirement.


    Yes, whether you have recently started your business as a dealer or are planning to start soon, it is never too early to start digital marketing for your services and products. The earlier your start the marketing process, the easier it will be for you to grow your customer base and spread the word about your business. Since our digital marketing packages also include website creation, getting started with it before launching your business will give you a substantial headstart, and you will be ready for when you launch your business.

    Yes, even if you are a small distributor, digital marketing will help you immensely to generate more leads. We have digital marketing packages for businesses of all sizes, which will help you make your marketing transition into the digital space. Even as a small distributor, online marketing services will help you reach the right customer demographics.

    It is good that you are doing wonderfully in your business; however, can you confidently say that you will be performing the same way in the next two or three years? What if another dealer in the same industry, with splendid marketing tactics, comes along? Digital marketing is not only about marketing your products; it is multifaceted. It helps you build credibility, create marketing strategies not only for today but for the distant future too, and gives your brand a strong foothold in the market.

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