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The Internet has shown consistent developments in recent years. Things that appeared inconceivable earlier have been made possible with the help of the Internet. For instance, who would have thought marketing could be done globally even when operating from a specific nation? Well, with the aid of digital marketing, this seems possible now. The power of the Internet has made it conceivable to reach every household and market your service. When aspiring to expand in the future, you cannot keep operating your functions in seclusion. In order to reach the target audience, it is invincible to publicize yourself via the most appropriate and modish method.

Why Should Dentist Not Ignore Digital Marketing Services?


Statistics obtained by the World Health Organisation (WHO) last year denote that around 3.5 billion people need oral care supervision every year. It also concluded almost 530 million children fall prey to dental caries of primary teeth, which require immediate treatment. Given the thumping numbers of patients worldwide, it becomes inevitable for them to approach a proficient and experienced dentist. Moreover, patients need them for regular dental checkups and treatments. Due to this very fact, companies in the field of this medical science need to apprise the general public about themselves.


Additionally, the requirements of dentist companies have become more critical in some Asian countries. This is because of their high rate of patients being affected by oral cancer. Hence, in order to reach people suffering from dental problems, it becomes essential to spread awareness regarding your service and products. This all can be made possible only with the help of digital marketing.

JDM Web Technologies Digital Marketing Services for Dentist

JDM Web Technologies is an exhaustive company providing complete digital marketing services to big organizations and startups. Our main goal is to turn the long-term objectives of our clients into sheer reality. We do this by carrying out extensive website analyses and determining the marketing methods that fit best based on your business and target audience. We have been working in the field of digital marketing for more than 12 years, and we are cognizant of all the knack about the same. We assure you that with us you will get 100% satisfaction. We have been thriving in providing digital marketing services because of our ability to provide customer satisfaction. Additionally, we also have achieved a 90% satisfaction rate till now.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a very prevalent form of digital marketing. It is cost-effective and provides a range of different benefits, including; higher ranking in search engines, better visibility, high customer reach, increased reliability, etc. At JDM Web Technologies, we provide SEO services that are carried on by industry experts and are deeply aware of all the SEO tactics. Using our search engine optimization, you would see precise results, which include increased quality and quantity traffic. Big organizations prefer SEO because it provides the golden opportunity of getting organic traffic through search engines.

You will enjoy faster and more excellent conversion rates in addition to outperforming your competitors. We will carry out a very brief SEO audit and competitor analysis to grasp the marketing mix being followed by them and thus being better than them. Our SEO services include local SEO, On-Page optimization, Off-Page optimization, Technical SEO, Blogging, and SEO monitoring and reporting. We also build a vital link for your company website that will help in elevating your success and growth.

Online Reputation Management Service

Being on social media is not an easy task. The criticism faced daily by consumers and competitors is hard to neglect. They often act as a method of demotivating the high spirits of a newly established organization. Moreover, negative comments on a website adversely affect the new potential customers. It is a rational consumer behavior not to favor any item and service that has negative reviews and comments online. Consumers tend to become more skeptical when searching for esteemed companies or doctors for their bodily ailments. Being a dentist, you cannot skip this and let your comment and review section be bombarded with pseudo claims and reviews by people. This is mainly done to deteriorate your brand image.

JDM Web Technologies provides Online Reputation Management Services for Companies. We use a straightforward trick through which we can push down all the negative comments in your feed at the end to save you from reputation harm. Many other ways are using which your online reputation is maintained as well as improved. This allows you to reach customers and influence them with your super reliable and efficacious services.

Website Designing

We provide website designing, development, and maintenance services to companies at very reasonable rates. If you dream of getting a peppy response from your target audience, developing a captivating website design is vital. Consumers are expected to stay longer on your website if they find your website attractive and informative. We provide web design services through which you will get the response you always wished for. We provide development and designing of website pages, copywriting, e-commerce functionality, and content management system. Our website design service is in accordance with search engine optimization for quicker results and better customer acquisition.

We offer a web graphic design service in which we let our focus on the development of brand logos, business cards, email brochures, etc. Our expert team builds fascinating and responsive website designs for the clients in our user interface design. With our UI design, the end consumers would find it extremely easy to switch between different devices. Lastly, we also provide User Experience Design as well. In this, we incorporate the design and quality you wish for in your website. We work according to your customization, providing a better personal touch to your website. Our process starts with analysis, strategy, design, development, test, and lastly, launching the website. We take into consideration all the significant factors of market and competition in order to prepare a strict brand strategy. We are transparent with our work, and you will be notified and timely updated with the website development process.

Social Media Marketing

In order to get better traffic and engagement, companies need to shift to a social media marketing or SMM. The proliferation of deadly coronavirus, which hit the corporate sector in negative ways, also appeared to be a blessing in disguise for most Industries. Since people were forced to lock themselves in the home during the lockdown period, they happened to be more involved on social media accounts to keep them entertained. This opened a gateway of opportunity for several companies. With more than half the population having active social media accounts, it became easier for companies to publicize their product range through them. Social media involves different platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., which play a significant part in connecting people living in opposite corners of the world.

As a dentist, you will need a social media to account to interact with your audience and make them aware of your services. SMM will play a pivotal role in increasing your user engagement and thus making you a reliable dentist. Our experienced team of Social Media Marketing will work diligently in the formation of robust digital marketing strategies. This will help you to provide necessary information about your service and your work effectively to the consumers. At JDM Web Technologies, we use social media campaigns, endorsements, SMO wall posts, and other elements to increase consumer connectivity.

Email Marketing

Emails work super efficiently in getting the attention of the targeted consumer base. On average, we receive hundreds of emails from different companies engaged in supplying different products. Through emails, new offers and coupons are directed to consumers, which could excite them for the service at cheap rates. This allows you to convert your subscribers into your prospective clients and also engage new subscribers. This is a direct advertising method in which you are able to reach consumers directly through their Email addresses.

We at JDM Web Technologies provide Email marketing services for businesses. Using our email marketing, you can advertise your services to people at large and that too in a short time. Moreover, our Email marketing is better reliable and more economical in comparison to many other similar service providers.

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click is a very effective form of digital marketing which enables you to rank higher in search engines cost-effectively. Our data-driven solutions will help your company in generating a high return on investments. We also work effectively in the optimization of brand campaigns. PPC is most appropriately used in order to increase brand awareness and advertise products to the target audience. The people who use the PPC advertising method have to pay every time a viewer clicks on PPC ads – thus the name Pay Per Click. A budget is set in advance to ensure that you do not exceed the required amount during the payment cycle.

There are numerous types of PPC ads that we provide. These include – Amazon PPC ads, In-Stream ads, Local Services ads, Google Shopping ads, Remarketing ads, Social ads, Search ads, etc. Extensive keyword research and analysis are carried out by our proficient team, which determines the most searched keywords related to your service. These keywords are then used while formulating content. We also provide Conversion Rate Optimization wherein we write gripping PPC ads able to persuade your customers.

Why Should You Choose Us?


Awarded Company

We have achieved several awards with our continuous efforts and development in the digital marketing field. We have been accredited with some significant awards regarding our services. Being awarded such huge accreditations, we are the number one choice of customers for digital marketing. We serve people across the globe, mainly clients from the USA, UK, India, and Canada.


Experienced Professionals

All our team members are industry experts and have in-depth expertise in strategizing and developing business growth plans. In addition, we have professionals who already have established experience in the field so that we deliver superior service to our customers.


Accessible Communication

We thoroughly understand our client’s business’s future goals and current working procedures. We communicate and provide a crisp growth strategy based on customer requirements and objectives.



We have different managers to carry digital marketing functions for every company. Once you reach out to us, we will appoint a separate manager to handle your company’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dentists

JDM Web Technologies, one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies, has been the number one choice by dentists who wish to grow. Having the talent and professional skills, JDM Web Technologies have been helping dentists promote their branch of dentistry.

To name a few top strategies by JDM Web Technologies that dentists use to grow digitally are- Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Email Marketing, PPC, YouTube Marketing, and many more.

You can turn your website into a valuable resource for future patients by utilizing content marketing. When you’re a dental care expert, you can publish articles, blogs, and other internet content to answer common inquiries and alleviate anxieties about the topics. This demonstrates that you are a reliable source of information.

A dentist’s website is generally the first impression a potential patient gets online. This implies your website must accurately portray your profession. If your site is unprofessional and difficult to navigate, users will revert to the search results pick a different choice, most probably one of your rivals.

Social media marketing for dental doctors is incredibly beneficial, despite many dental practices being not active on social media. A more personal connection with your audience is made possible by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We can help use them to offer useful information, corporate announcements, and pictures of your employees. The best part of SMM is that you can communicate with your following and form personal connections with them, which can help you attract new patients as well as keep existing ones coming back.

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