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Online visibility is a must to achieve growth in Denver’s fierce digital market. We at JDM Web Technologies offer the best services to help you boost your local SEO ranking and gain visibility from your targeted audience. Through our data-driven strategies, which are aimed at gaining insights about Denver’s local market, we aid your company in achieving new heights in the realm of digital marketing. Our team of well-trained and experienced professionals ensures that your company receives high SERP ranking, organic traffic, and backlinks from authority websites. Our strategy is designed to offer you effective services that allow your company to grow limitlessly.

Denver Local SEO Services

Boost Your Online Visibility and Local Reach Through the Best SEO Services in Denver

Keyword Research & Strategy

Keywords are an essential component of Search Engine Optimisation which is why we do extensive keyword research to drive quality traffic to your website. Our keyword research aims to improve your local presence to rival your competitors. We assess multiple factors, such as search volume, user intent, conversion, and relevance, to provide you with the best locally targeted keywords to improve your ranking on the Search Engine Result Page.

Competitive Analysis

Denver is a highly competitive space, so it is essential to have a unique strategy that allows you to outperform your rivals. To ensure that your company stays at the top of the local market, we evaluate your competitors’ performance to determine their strengths and weaknesses compared to your company. By researching your opponents, we can devise a campaign to provide your company with an edge in the local market.

Website Audit

We provide a thorough website audit to assess the technological components of your website and determine the areas that require improvement. The audit analyses factors such as site speed, mobile optimization, site structure, meta tags, technical errors, broken links, and other website statistics that affect your website’s performance. The audit allows us to create a custom strategy that is effectively suited to your website and designed to help your company achieve higher visibility in the digital domain.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is crucial to enhance your website’s SEO score. Our SEO specialists work on different factors, such as headers, meta description, page content, page URLs, Image alt-text, and internal linking, to improve user engagement of your website. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services that ensure a higher ranking for your website as well as a user-friendly experience.

Technical SEO

The technical components of your websites are as important as the content. We go beyond the on-page SEO to assess technical factors such as your website’s crawlability, indexing, site speed, design, and mobile adaptability. Our experts ensure that all technical factors align with best SEO practices and that there is no duplicate content or broken pages that might lower your website’s ranking on the SERP. We enhance your website to provide the best user experience and high SEO ranking.

Earning Client Reviews

lient reviews can also help improve your website’s SEO rankings. Moreover, they can enhance your company’s reputation and motivate potential clients to opt for your service. Our team creates strategies that prompt your clients to leave reviews by improving your online presence on platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, and other industry-specific directories. Our efforts are aimed at attracting new clients for your company by establishing the legitimacy of your company.

Local Business Directories

To improve your company’s visibility in the local space, we ensure that your company is featured in the local business directories. Many clients tend to check out local directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Bing Places to find businesses, so we prioritize your company’s visibility on these platforms. We aim to expand your digital presence and attract local customers to help your company grow.


Search Engine Optimization is a data-driven approach aimed at ensuring that your website appears at the top of the Search Engine Result Page. We extensively research to create a strategy ideally suited to your company’s needs. By conducting both on-page SEO and technical SEO, we optimize your website’s content to attract organic traffic, enhancing your company’s growth and helping you achieve greater success in digital marketing.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Having an updated Google My Business profile is a must for attracting local customers using SEO. We ensure that your GMB profile is SEO- optimized and has accurate information, appealing descriptions, and high-definition photographs. A well-designed GMB profile will surely bring in more customers to your company and allow you to expand your customer reach.

Link Building

We also utilize off-page SEO factors such as link building to increase your website’s traffic. Our team works tirelessly to attain high-quality backlinks from recognized, high-authority websites for your website. We utilize different practices, such as guest blogging, content marketing, and directory submissions, to build credibility, improve the website’s exposure, reduce bounce rate, and boost your website’s traffic. Through effective link-building, we ensure that your company stays at the top of the local market.

Ready to Grow Your Business With Denver Local SEO Services?

Allow Your Business to Thrive by Attracting New Customers with Targeted Local SEO Services

Why Choose JDM Web Technologies as Your Denver Local SEO Agency?

Achieve Ultimate Growth by Opting for Local SEO Services Equipped with Innovative Strategies


Extensive SEO Knowledge

Our team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge about the different types of SEO, such as on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO, and ensures a high ranking on the SERP. The team is also highly skilled and experienced in conducting keyword research and creating strategies suited to your website.


Dedicated SEO Experts

Our team of experts possess extensive knowledge about the intricacies of Search Engine Optimisation. We stay updated regarding the latest strategies as well as tools to ensure client satisfaction. Our team is skilled at delivering services that bring in organic traffic and help your company achieve new heights.



We have worked in digital marketing for over a decade and possess adequate industrial experience. We have a wide range of testimonials from customers who have always been highly satisfied with our services. We strive to consistently deliver the best without any delays. We have always stood by our promise of fostering growth for the customer’s company and have helped a vast number of companies through our services.


Honesty and Integrity

Trust is the pillar of any professional relationship, which is why we give precedence to honesty and integrity. We provide you with well-grounded data, achievable expectations, and efficient objectives for your company. We aim to provide the best services while building pleasant client relationships.


Transparent Reporting

We provide complete transparency in every part of our work. We provide our clients with transparent reports on their company’s SEO data and adhere to professional work ethics. We keep the clients updated on the progress of the local SEO strategy to ensure their involvement in the process.


Support 24×7

We provide clarity throughout our process, but clients may still have queries, so we offer support at all times of the day throughout the week. We recognize the importance of quick replies and instantly resolve any client’s confusion. We aim to ensure that the clients remain free of worry while we work on providing them with the best services.

SEO Factors That Influence Ranking for Businesses in Denver


Google My Business Profile Signals

Google My Business vastly influences your SEO ranking and determines the number of customers your business will attract. We create and optimize your GMB profile to catch your local customers’ attention. Our team works to include the most accurate and eye-catching descriptions, images and information about your business to ensure greater traffic and subsequent growth of your online presence.


On-Page Signals

On-Page SEO is a determining factor in gaining a higher ranking on the SERP. On-page consists of various factors ranging from meta description, tags, headers, keywords, and content that increase the likeliness of a customer visiting your website. Our experts are skilled at doing on-page SEO to help you stay ahead of your competitors in the digital marketing space of Denver.


Review Signals

Customers tend to be influenced by positive reviews online, which is why we develop strategies to ensure that your company’s happy customers leave feedback. Positive feedback helps establish your company’s credibility and improves customers’ trust in your service.



Backlinks play an essential role in off-page SEO since it helps to improve your website’s authority. Moreover, backlinks also increase your website’s exposure and allow new customers to visit your website. Increased online visibility works in your favor and allows your company to discover new avenues in digital marketing.



It is essential to keep track of users’ preferences and behavior concerning your website, which is why we conduct extensive research to devise effective strategies for your company. We aim to understand user behavior and develop innovative ways of increasing user engagement.



Personalized content is more likely to capture your targeted audience’s attention, which is why we research user demographics, habits, and biases to come up with unique ideas to gain attention. Our content is geared towards the location of Denver, which will help attract the attention of locals to your company.

Why invest in Local SEO for your Denver Business?

  • It helps you attract potential customers.

    Local SEO is aimed at grabbing the attention of potential customers in your area. The target-specific nature of marketing will work in your favor and allow you to improve your customer base. Your increased visibility on the SERP will allow you to sell your services efficiently and establish a strong online platform for your company.

  • It helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors

    An effective SEO strategy suited to your company will do wonders for you in terms of competition. By using best SEO practices, we will ensure that your business stays at the top of all other local businesses and attracts significant customers.

  • It helps you increase online visibility and establish a profitable online business.

    SEO is the key to establishing a profitable online business that reaps continuous rewards. You can achieve a high level of growth just by improving your online visibility and ranking higher on the SERP. We will help you optimize your website according to local demands and ensure that you benefit from our services.

How Does Google Decide Your Local Ranking?


Google aims to provide relevant results to its users, which is why it takes location into account. It utilizes the user’s location by detecting it using GPS or extracting it from the search query to assess the distance between the user and your business. Based on this data, it showcases your business to users whose location is closer to your company.


Reviews play a significant role in determining your business’ prominence, and they will influence your visibility on the SERP. Therefore, it is essential to have positive customer reviews on Google to attract new customers.


Google will only display your business to the user if the search query aligns with your business description and will prove relevant to the user. The information available on Google My Business is crucial in determining the relevance of your business to the user’s search query, which is why it is vital to provide accurate categories and descriptions on your GMB profile.

How Much Do Local SEO Services Cost For Businesses in Denver?

We at JDM Web Technologies are committed to providing you with the best affordable services. We have different packages to help you choose the one best suited to your requirements. Our company is driven by excellence and trust and aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Basic Local SEO

Our Basic Local SEO package is designed to suit the needs of small local businesses that aim to establish their foothold in the industry. Under this package, we provide optimization of 10 key phrases across 10 pages for a fee of just $399. The package includes a local SEO audit, Google My Business optimization, Yelp Local Business Listing, Bing Local Business Listing, Yellow Pages creation, Reviews Monitoring, and a weekly post with added images on Google My Business.

Advanced Local SEO

Our Advanced Local SEO package is designed for medium-sized national and local businesses, service providers, and manufacturers who wish to increase their outreach further. The package costs only $699 monthly and offers optimization for 20 keywords and up to 20 pages. This package includes local SEO audit, Google My Business optimization, Yelp Local Business Listing, Bing Local Business Listing, Yellow Pages creation, and Reviews Monitoring, along with claiming, verifying, and publishing in the top 20 local listings, submission to 200+ business directories, and weekly Google My Business posts with images.

Enterprise Local SEO

Our Enterprise Local SEO package is the perfect choice for large businesses like e-commerce platforms that serve a large range of customers. The plan costs $1,499 per month and includes optimization for 50 keywords and up to 50 pages. The plan includes all the Basic and Advanced package features, a Yext PowerListings subscription, and an Apple Maps listing.

JDM Local SEO Packages

Basic Local SEO

$399 /Month
  • Number of Keyphrases Optimized – 10
  • Pages Optimized Up to – 10
  • Local SEO Audit – Yes
  • Google My Business Optimization – Yes
  • Yelp Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Bing Local Business Listing – Yes – Yes
  • Yellow Pages Creation – Yes
  • Reviews Monitoring – Yes
  • Claim, Verify & Publish Top 20 Local Listings – No
  • Submission to 200+ Business Directories – No
  • Yext PowerListings Subscription – No
  • Apple Map Listing – No
  • Google My Business Weekly Post/ Add Images – Yes

Advanced Local SEO

$699 /Month
  • Number of Keyphrases Optimized 20
  • Pages Optimized Up to 20
  • Local SEO Audit – Yes
  • Google My Business Optimization – Yes
  • Yelp Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Bing Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Yellow Pages Creation – Yes
  • Reviews Monitoring – Yes
  • Claim, Verify & Publish Top 20 Local Listings – Yes
  • Submission to 200+ Business Directories – Yes
  • Yext PowerListings Subscription – No
  • Apple Map Listing – No
  • Google My Business Weekly Post/ Add Images – Yes

Enterprise Local SEO

$1,499 /Month
  • Number of Keyphrases Optimized 50 – Yes
  • Pages Optimized Up to 50 – Yes
  • Local SEO Audit – Yes
  • Google My Business Optimization – Yes
  • Yelp Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Bing Local Business Listing – Yes
  • Yellow Pages Creation – Yes
  • Reviews Monitoring – Yes
  • Claim, Verify & Publish Top 20 Local Listings – Yes
  • Submission to 200+ Business Directories – Yes
  • Yext PowerListings Subscription – Yes
  • Apple Map Listing – Yes
  • Google My Business Weekly Post/ Add Images – Yes

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